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A Life Debt Repaid novel (John and Cordy) novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Cordy paused and studied Bryson for a moment.

He was on the pudgy side, and his face so plain there was nothing worth noting.

“Do you even know who I am?! I am a top executive working at Levine Ventures and I draw a six-figure salary each year!”

While Bryson continued his angry rant slash brag, Cordy clicked her tongue at him and left without a care.

Bryson watched in confusion as she walked away-he was convinced that Cordy should be throwing herself into his arms given who he was.

But she did not seem to care!

In reality, Bryson was not that interested in her at first, but he could not turn down the Sachs since they carried influence in North City. However, when he saw Cordy in person, he was stunned to find her so much more beautiful than her photo!

With that pretty face, he would be fine with just a tryst even if he did not marry her!

While he grinned sinisterly, Cordy was still heading toward the front gates, intent on leaving and certainly not in the mood to find out what Bryson thought.


Hearing Noel call out from behind again, Cordy paused with a scowl on her face.

What was she doing, stalking her instead of her precious Kyle?!

Even so, Noel looked as if she was doing Cordy a favor as she told her, “Bryson doesn’t have the looks, but he’s dependable and has a stable wage. He’s far better than your firefighter! And if you had to become a baby mommy, why don’t you pick one who offers more security?”

“What, is ugliness a guarantee of being down-to-earth?”

Cordy suddenly turned around and studied Noel from head to toe, and her stare gave Noel the creeps.

“I mean, just look at you. You’re just vile.” Cordy laughed coolly and left with those words.


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