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A Moment in Destiny novel Chapter 14


"Miss Murray, have you printed the documents?" Lara had changed into a long dress with a V neck, that had a very deep cut.

"What documents?" Sherry wasn't sure.

"Did you not see the email I sent you just before we finished work on Friday?" Lara raised her brows.

Sherry was startled, Lara was right, she didn't open her inbox anymore, she had no idea that Lara would send her an email at that time. She was still in the office then.

"Miss Murray, you are really not professional. Don't you know that you need to check your work email even if you are not at work? As a

secretary, you haven't looked into your inbox for two whole days?"

“Lam sorry, that was my mistake."

"What should we do now, Mister Rowland will need this document later, and it hasn't even been translated yet!" Lara asked. "Miss Murray, this is a task from Mister Rowland!"

"Lam going to translate it right now.” Sherry had already understood that Lara did this on purpose.

Alice stood up in this moment, "Lara, it's impossible to translate such an amount of documents in such a short time."

"If she cannot finish it, then it will be her responsibility, I have done what I need to do.” Lara put the file on Sherry's table, and left in an arrogant manner.

None of the three have noticed that there was a tall person around the corner witnessing the scene. His lips formed into a smile. This will be interesting! So exciting!

"Sherry, she is clearly giving you trouble!" Alice said in a low voice to Sherry, she had always hated Lara trying to trouble Sherry.

"That's alright.” Sherry smiled bitterly, she knew that Lara was still mad at her because of the coffee incidence.

"This document has 16 pages, you are never gonna finish!” Alice said.

"Ladies, can one of you get me a cup of coffee?" Suddenly a voice said.

Sherry turned around and saw Liam, and when Alice saw him as well, her face blushed at his sight. Sherry on the other side didn't move at all, all she did was to quickly scan through the document.

"Mister Brooks, good morning! I am going to get your coffee, but I don't think it will be as good as Sherry's.” Alice said truthfully, even Mister Rowland liked Sherry's coffee.

"Oh really? Then ask her to do it, you can stay and have a chat with me!" Liam smiled and looked at Sherry, who had her head lowered, "What is it? Does Miss Murray not want to do it?"

Sherry raised her head and saw that Liam was looking at her, and felt a little helpless, “I will go in a second.”


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