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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 21

With the crash, Richard ached. Amy rushed over to apologize. But when she found that the man was Richard, she wanted to run away immediately.

“Don’t move! You hit my car last time. And now you hit me?” Richard said angrily.

Amy froze. She turned to his angry face with a gentle smile.

“What a coincidence. You look so handsome today.” Amy walked over to him and noticed the stain on Richard’s suit.

“Amy! You really had the gut to throw the fruits I bought for your dad.” Matt raged after he saw Amy throw away the fruits. But now, he saw Amy talking with a handsome man, so close.

“President Richard?” Matt looked at the taller Richard with overwhelming vibes like a king.

Richard ignored the flattering Matt. He still had something urgent to do so he let go of Amy and left, intending to give her a lesson after they went home in the evening.

Amy looked at Matt with distain again. It turned out that Matt got ignored. What a shame!

Matt turned to Amy at this moment and suddenly realized that she was more mature and charming than before. She was no longer a childish little girl. Especially her breasts were much bigger than Gina’s now. He spent the past years scheming the Miller Group without attention on Amy. Now she was like surrounded by a halo of goddess.

“Amy. If you don’t like these fruits then tell me. I will buy you the favorite ones. You just did right.” Matt’s attitude changed entirely.

This sudden change made Amy sick. She stared at the weird Matt and swept his hands from her shoulder. Then she walked into her dad’s ward directly.

Matt followed her to the ward. An indulged fragrance of Amy intoxicated him.

“Amy, you met a friend?” Stephen asked gently as he saw Amy’s dark face.

“Nothing at all. I just found a rat.” Amy implied that the rat was Matt.


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