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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 22

Matt covered his face with hands. He had been so unlucky to have got hit since his divorce with Amy.

“Who the hell are you? You have the gut to beat me? Do you know who I am? I play the second fiddle in the Wilson Group!” Matt shouted and pointed to the doctor who beat him down.

“No matter who you are, it’s your fault to bully a lady.” The doctor said with contempt.

Amy just found that the doctor who did the check up for her dad just now had saved her.

Matt intended to fight with the doctor again. He stood up and pounced to him. The doctor swung slightly in front of him. Matt flied out again.

Amy could not see clearly what happened. The doctor looked like playing magic.

This time, Matt gave up the idea to battle with the doctor. He stood up in a hurry.

“Good for you, Amy. You always seduce men outside. Now you even look for someone to beat your ex-husband. And you bustard! You really have the nerve to hit the manager of Wilson Group. You will pay for this!” Matt ran away awkwardly.

“Thanks for saving me!” Amy expressed gratitude to the good-looking doctor.

The doctor turned to Amy silently.

“Only this?” He asked.

Amy was stunned. She guessed if he was asking for money as reward. She took out the last three hundred dollars she had from her handbag.

“This is all I have.” She handed him the money.

The doctor could not help laughing out loud, which dazzled Amy in an instant. No woman could resist this smile.

“Amy. Have you forgotten who I am?” He held her shoulders and lowered his head.

Amy looked at him, confused. She tried to recall but didn’t remember anything. Was this a new way to hook up with a stranger?

The doctor laughed out again when he saw the confused Amy.

When he left long time ago, Amy and Hannah were only ten years old. The two little girls both became elegant ladies now after ten years.

“I am Andy!” Andy Baker could only say out his name.

“You are Brother Andy? Unbelievable! You are so tall and handsome now!” Amy became excited and passionate when she realized the charming Andy in front of her.

Andy was Hannah’s cousin. She also heard from Hannah that her cousin had come back recently. But due to the endless troubles these days, she forgot it.

They three lived in the same district when they were kids. Andy was six years older than them. Amy and Hannah used to stick with him at that time.

“Jeez. You are also grown up and so charming!” Andy caressed her hair gently.

Richard just finished his work and happened to see this not far away. He hated to see what young couples do in public.

“Amy, don’t forget you are the employee of HD Group. Behave yourself!” Richard walked close to her and said.

Amy froze. She just talked with her friend in the hospital. She didn’t think she damaged the image of HD Group. And she didn’t think she was that influential.

“Mr. Richard. I am just chatting with my friend. I don’t think I will do harm to the company’s image.” She stood out to protect Andy behind her.


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