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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 23

Richard sat upright in the chair. He just woke up from a nap.

“What’s up?” He asked as he saw the blank Amy at the door. She had flawless snow white skin, and even gave off a smell of rose.

“Eh, Eh, I am looking for the president,” Amy stammered. She wanted to slap herself, for she didn’t have to panic. Richard was not a monster or Hannibal, why the hell was she so terrified? She was here for the president anyway, not looking for him.

“Whatever issues you have, just tell me. It is the same”. Richard stood up, walked towards her and studied her through with strong and solemn vibes.

“Okay, this is for the president, please hand it to him, and tell him it is from the secretary department. I will go now.” She handed the file to Richard and was ready to leave, while he stopped her, putting one arm on the wall. She was suddenly surrounded by his strong arm.

“What, what are you doing? This is the president office!” She was startled and stammered.

She valued her job at HD group. If the president saw her messing around with a man in his office, her career was definitely over.

“No big deal. If the president comes in, I will let him go away.” He said jokingly.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! I am married, and please be polite. I am so sorry to have hit your car and your head by accident. But if I lose my job, I won’t afford to make up for your loss.” Amy pushed him aside immediately, so hard that he didn’t expect.

“Oh, so you know you are married, huh? But when you were in the hospital, you seemed an expert at flirting with men. Or you despise me because I am not as rich as him?” He suddenly recalled her sunshine smile to Andy Baker. So he felt jealous.

“None of your business. I smile to whoever I want. Right, I will leave the file here. I have to go now.” She glared at him, and then reached out to the door handle.

“Don’t you wait for the president to come back? You put the file here, but I did not notice. If it is lost, it is none of my business.” He stood there and said slowly.

She studied through Richard. Oh, this man was good-looking but annoying.

If the file was gone, she would be to blame. So she took back the file immediately.

“The president is not here, so I will come back later.” She did not want to spend one more second with this pervert.

“Oh, Mr. Carter, so sorry that I didn’t know there was a woman in the office.” Kevin rushed in with a quick glance at Amy and Richard.

Seeing this, Amy wanted to seize the chance to leave.

‘What a pervert he was. But what was he doing in the president office? And that guy called him so respectfully. Was he the manager or the president?’

OMG… Amy thought, she’d better ask someone else for the surname of the president. She rushed downstairs in a hurry.

“Mr. Carter? Mr. Carter? She’s gone. What are you still looking at?” Kevin noticed Richard was still staring at the door.

“Say it. What?” Richard said with a dark face.

“Oh, I remember this woman. Is she Amy? The one you wanted me to check out? Did you make her to work for you? You have forgotten Alison completely?” Kevin asked.

“Don’t you think you are asking too much? What else? Get out!” Richard went back and sat in the chair.


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