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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 25

“Days off just for a flower? Doesn’t it cost too much?” Amy thought.

But she said nothing. It would be a good thing if she could rest for some days. After all, she still felt in pain in her hand. It was just the matter of less salary this month.

“It has just been a few days since I joined the company. Now I asked for leave. Talking about that fucking perverted president, oh my god, what will he do to me? Never mind. No big deal. At worst, I change a job then. Money is always there waiting for me.” Amy thought.

Amy asked Robin for a book, and sat beside the flower, waiting. She didn’t know specifically what kind the flower was, but just looked at the pink buds on the verdant leaves.

It is really interesting to observe a bud growing up and then blooming. She had never done this over her last 20 more years.

“Madam, this is the medicine for you. I saw your hand at lunchtime. What happened?” Robin said.

“I am fine. Thank you very much, Robin.” Amy took the medicine and found it all in French. It mustn’t be bought from a common pharmacy.

Waiting in boredom, Amy fell asleep in the sofa. If it were not Hannah’ call, she would have slept till late night.

“Amy, I met an asshole at the company. This fucking dickhead just pissed me off! I came to find you but they said you have already in a leave. What happened? Are you all right?” Hannah said, leaving Amy no time to answer.

“I...I don’t know where to start. I won’t be at work these days. I got some issues.” Amy didn’t even know what to say to Hannah.

“Are you hiding something from me? Tell me so that I can help solve it.” Hannah actually felt that there was something wrong about Amy.

“I will tell you everything later at the right timing, not now.” Amy replied. She wanted to tell Hannah all, but she just felt she had no freedom like being caged.

“Ok, anytime, ok? Let’s go to that lobster restaurant. I miss it so much!” Hannah tried to make her happier.

After hanging up, they both sighed.

Amy went to bed early after finishing dinner. She was not in a good mood, having no energy to do anything. Late night, with the cricket’s song and the cool breeze, she was sleeping soundly.

Seeing her hand on her forehead, Richard took her hand down gently. The blisters had been broken, turning red with fluid.

Taking a small box out of his pocket, he put her hand on her leg, applied the salve carefully on her hand. The cold salve made Amy so comfortable that she made a sound, and then moved her leg onto Richard’s.

“What a naughty girl.” Richard thought as he put her leg back onto the bed. However, feeling the heat on her leg, he couldn’t help checking the temperature of her forehead.

‘No wonder she sleeps so soundly. She got a fever.’

Richard asked Robin to call the doctor.

“Master, it is because of the cold wind and her bad mood she’s been through these days.” The doctor came and examined Amy.

“Cure her right away.” Richard said so anxiously that he didn’t realize.

The doctor immediately got Amy injected, and was about to wipe Amy’s body with some alcohol. “Let me do this. You go out.” Richard stopped him. They took a look at Richard and then went out quietly.

Amy was in a severe fever. When Richard was wiping her body, she grabbed his hand and shouted “Dad”.

When Amy woke up again, she felt soothed and refreshed. That was a good sleep last night. She felt less pain in her hand, which was dry and clean, nothing like the sticky look yesterday.


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