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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 27

Amy stormed out of the car, slamming the door angrily as she left. ‘What’s wrong with Richard? I just had a meal with my friends. How came he just ruined it and insisted on driving me home? Why was he so nice to me?

Now that Amy had arrived home, she couldn’t complain more about it. Seeing Richard leaving, she even wanted to smashed his car with a stone. But she didn’t do that, for she couldn’t afford the repairs.

“Madam, you finally come back. The soup is ready. Would you like to have some?” Robin said, standing in front of the gate. Looking at Amy’s stink face, he was secretly delighted.

Robin believed that Richard must have cared a lot about Amy. So that was kind of good news. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help cracking a smile.

“No, thanks. I am so pissed off and don’t wanna eat at all. He’s such a stickybeak! Give me a break! None of his business even if I am kidnapped by a taxi driver!” Amy said in a furious tone. She didn’t really mean it. But she had never expected that it would really happen to her.

Robin was listening to her with a big grin. It irritated Amy ever more.

“Why the hell are you laughing, Robin? Are you gloating over me?” Amy stared at Robin with angry eyes.

Robin scratched his face himself as he thought he couldn’t control his expression just now.

“Oh, no! Madam! You misunderstood me. I was happy because you came back safe and sound. I felt relieved so I smiled. So, who drove you home, Madam?” Robin asked deliberately, pretending not knowing the man.

“A jerk!” Amy said, and stormed into the villa.

As she came back home safely, she decided to let Hannah know, so she called Hannah immediately.

“Amy, are you home now? What happened with you and Mr. Carter? What did he do to you? Have you ever offended him?” Hannah asked Amy a series of questions.

“I’m home and I’m fine now. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m so sorry for leaving early that night. My treat next time.” Afterwards, Amy hung up in a bad mood. She just wanted to end the conversation now.

Amy turned off the light in her bedroom. Just then, Richard came in and said, “Are you upset?” He could smell her anger.

“Yes, I am.” Amy turned her back to him. She knew he was coming as she heard the door open.

“So, who upset you?” Richard’s voice sounded so strange that she even felt a bit sympathetic to him. She married an ugly guy with a terrible voice!

“Nobody. I just bothered myself. You’ve come?” She turned to him. It was dark. So she could only vaguely see a tall figure approaching her with a familiar smell. She didn’t know the man in front of her was Richard.

He was taking off his clothes, and lying beside her. Then he put his hands into Amy’s clothes and started caressing her thighs.

She was slender but she had big breasts, which really turned him on.

“Everything will be fine after a good sleep. Tomorrow is another day.” Robin knew he did upset her. But he couldn’t tell her the truth, only to comfort her in that way.

“You’re right. He is my boss. What else can I do? I’m working for him. I just hope that he won’t be difficult.” She shared her thoughts to the man in the dark room. In an instant, she thought he was nice but still pathetic.

“Alright. Don’t think too much.” Richard couldn’t resist the temptation. He jumped her immediately. He was so overwhelming that she couldn’t resist. The two started having sex passionately.


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