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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 28

In an instant, Amy was caught by a man and trapped in the president exclusive elevator. She didn’t realize what had happened. Just then, she managed to wriggle free and slapped that man before she noticed his face.

“Mr. Car…Carter?” Amy said as she found out the man was Richard. There was a very clear mark of her handprint on his white, stern face.

Richard turned his head up with pride. He didn’t want to talk to the stubborn Amy right now.

Amy stood still in front of him with embarrassment. She didn’t know what she should do. What she was thinking now was the slap she gave to Richard. She slapped the president of HD Group! What should she do now?

“Mr. Carter, I’m so…sor…sorry,.” Amy stammered as she didn’t know how to explain to him. She thought it was a pervert.

“Humph.” Richard snorted.

Amy looked at his perfect chin and hot Adam's apple, so hot that she couldn’t help drooling.

He was really handsome! But he was utterly unpredictable.

The elevator sent them to the 20th floor. Amy got out of it first. She was so nervous that she almost couldn’t breathe.

She stood at the door of the elevator, taking a deep breath. When she arrived at the office floor, her colleagues were stunned out of the blue, looking at Amy and Richard, speechless. Then they slipped into the office immediately.

Amy followed them back to her seat. She started recalling the breathtaking morning. If these happened every day, she might not able to stay for long.

Afterwards, she was busy working the entire morning. She got a lot of things to deal with, like taking office supplies for those in need, and making documents that others were unwilling to do with.

But she found it good to be busy, for she didn’t have time to think too much.

“Amy, I bought you a cup of coffee. Just take it.” Hannah said, standing quietly in a pathway Amy always went through.

“No, thanks! I gotta submit the documents immediately.” Amy showed the documents in her hands.

But Hannah didn’t care about what Amy said, grapping the documents from Amy and placed them on the desk. Then she handed the coffee to Amy.

“I am just coming to you in your office, but they looked so weird. What happened?” Hannah surmised Amy was not welcome by her colleagues.

“Well, this morning, Gina came here. And she pulled me, and I…” Amy told Hannah what had happened this morning.

“That bitch! What did she want from you? She miscarried? You pushed her?” Hannah said with secret delight.

“No, I didn’t push her. She fell down somewhat by herself. Then Matt appeared. And she was bleeding. I thought she might be abortive.” said Amy as she was drinking the coffee. Suddenly she recalled the terrifying blood.

In fact, Gina cared about the baby a lot. Why did she fall down? Amy didn’t push her and Gina didn’t twist her ankle. How came?


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