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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 29

“Oh, Mr. Wilson. You are overhasty. Here is my place. And you did this to my staff? It sounds not good, isn’t it? Oh, there is a fairly good hotel nearby. Why not do it right there?” Richard said to Matt in a calm tone.

Matt let go of Amy after hearing Richard’s words. Amy stood away from Matt immediately. Richard looked at them with distain. She wanted to cry with grievance.

“Mr. Carter. It’s not what you think!” Amy wanted to explain.

“I don’t care. Seemingly you lead a complicated life, for you hang out with different men all the time.” Richard said to her with irony.

Amy didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to argue with him. What’s more, why did she have to explain to him? He was just her boss.

So Amy turned around and walked to the bus station. She didn’t want to listen to their blabbering.

“Mr. Carter. Is it possible that we keep on our cooperation? I wonder why you cancel our cooperation?” Matt said as if to flatter Richard.

Matt didn’t care about Amy at all at that moment because the case was more important than her. He was in charge of the case. If HD Group decided not to cooperate with him anymore, he would be disgraced.

“Because…” Richard pretended to think carefully.

Matt was waiting for his answer. He wondered why. If Richard was not satisfied with his work, he could try to make it perfect.

“Because I do what I wish.” With the words, Richard left and got into the car.

“Hey, Mr. Carter! Mr. Carter! We can talk about it! Just talk more about it!” Matt ran after Richard’s car. However, the car ran so fast that he couldn’t catch up with it and nearly fell to the ground.

“Boom!” Matt gave a heavy punch on his car. He thought he had been unlucky these days. Everything went wrong after divorcing Amy.

Thinking of Gina, he immediately drove to the hospital after buying some food.

Amy rushed to the bus station. Luckily she didn’t miss the bus. Then she got on immediately.

She thought there’s something wrong with her these days. She offended the boss of HD Group right after entering the company. What’s worse, she gave him a slap!

She looked at her hands, murmuring. Why did you react so fast? How can you slap him when you didn’t see his face clearly?

No wonder why he said to her in an ironic tone. And he even recommended a hotel to them. What a fucking good idea! Thinking of that, Amy stopped feeling regretful about the slap. It served him right!

Just then, Amy arrived home. She got off the bus and found Robin waiting for her at the station.

“Robin.” Amy felt warm. It was so nice that someone was waiting for her at the station, so nice like her father.

“You’ve had a long day, Madam. Mr. Carter asked me to pick you up. He said the station is far away from home. So it was dangerous for you to go home alone.” Robin said.


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