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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 464

When Gina felt that the time was approaching, she moved to a safe place and subconsciously covered her ears. Gina laughed in her mind, ‘Hahaha, Amy, your home will soon become a sea of fire. Just wait to die!’

Gina was very happy. She thought it was easy to make Amy disappear from the world. Everyone in this family must be pigs, they didn’t even have a little sense of safety.

"Boom!" Gina waited for the loud noise before she slowly opened her eyes, but she felt very strange at this time. She couldn’t help thinking, ‘Why is there no sea of fire in front of her? The Carter family’s mansion still looks fine. Why did nothing happen? What was that noise just now?’

When Gina showed her head from the dark, she immediately got caught. Somebody even gave her a few blows while the situation here was in chaos and almost broke her bones.

"What are you doing? What do you want to do?" Gina was pushed out from the dark in embarrassment. Amy and Anne were standing in front of her.

"What are we doing? You are such a vicious woman. You put those things there to blow us up? We have all the evidence of your crime. Just wait, you will never get out of the prison for your whole life!" Anne felt very scared after seeing the things Gina put in the house. If she hadn't accidentally heard the conversation between Gina and Addy when she went back yesterday, what would happen to her now?

"What are you talking about? I don't understand at all!" Gina pretended not to know anything at this time.

"You don't understand? You don't understand?" Anne was not like Amy, willing to listen to her reasoning. She walked over and slapped Gina in the face.

Gina's face immediately swelled up. Anne was not an simple person. She only hit one side of Gina’s face and let Gina's face tilt to one side. Gina’s face looked hilarious.

"Anne, don't bully me. Why did you hit me? Can't I happen to pass by here?" Gina thought what she did was unnoticeable. She didn't know that she had been monitored since she came here.

"You are still denying, aren't you? Those things you brought here were just to blow us all up, isn’t it? We have called the police and all the evidence has been collected. Do you think you can get away as long as you deny it?" Anne had been scolding Gina. She was also very scared.

Amy just stood by the side calmly at this time. Her stomach was a little uncomfortable and she didn't have any energy or mood to scold Gina.

As soon as Gina heard that they had reported to the police, she began to get nervous. There were no more people around. If she went to prison again, Amy's life would be good.

"I didn't, I didn't. I really didn't do anything. It was Addy, it was Addy who asked me to do so." Gin saw the police car. She was so scared that she put all the blame on Addy.

The police car stopped. A few policemen got out of the car and came to Gina.

"Sir, sir, they slandered me. They slandered me. I didn't do anything. I just walked around here. I just passed by here. Then they began to frame me." Gina complained first even when she was the guilty one. She grabbed the policeman's clothes and pointed to Anne and Amy.

"Calm down, madam. We would investigate based on the evidence to decide. We wouldn’t determine just by listening to one's statement. Madam, please let go, please let go." The police were a little afraid of Gina. She looked like a mad dog when she acted crazy.

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