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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 8

“Miss Miller, your father needs the surgery right now. I can see that he is in poor health, and you really should consider my suggestion.” Robin came into the ward quietly.

Amy looked at her father, and thought about what the nurse just said. Then she wiped her tears and made up her mind.

She turned to Robin. “Fine, I will marry him. I don’t care whether your master is disable or ill and I will marry him. But I need one million right now. With this money, the doctor can perform the heart transplant operation on my dad!” Amy had no options. She could only save her father by sacrificing herself.

“Okay, that is not a problem. I will transfer the money immediately.” Robin felt relived to see Amy accepted the deal. He took out his phone and transferred the money in a second.

“Alright, Miss Miller, it is all done. The money is transferred. In fact, I transferred another three hundred thousand. Now you can feel relieved.” Robin put down the phone and said to Amy.

It felt so good to be rich. They could solve so many problems just with money. When the medical bill was paid, the doctors and nurses came to the ward again.

“We will use the best medicine on your dad. And we are looking for the suitable heart now. As soon as we get one, we will perform the operation at once, Miss Miller.”

Amy recognized the doctor. He was urging her to pay the bill just now. But now he was so polite.

After receiving money, they became so kind, and even that doctor was more friendly than before.

“Alright. Everything is arranged properly. Now, please follow me, Miss Miller.” Robin said to Amy very politely.

“OK!” Before Amy left, she turned around and looked at her dad. She knew she would never regret her decision.

Seeing the luxurious Bentley car, Amy knew Robin’s master was really rich. But why would he choose her to be his wife? He must be either disable or very ugly.

Robin took Amy to a villa in the suburb. When they arrived, he opened the car door and let Amy get off.

This villa was huge and grand. But thinking about the marriage, Amy just felt depressed.

When she went into the villa, she was deeply impressed by the expensive and furniture and decoration. Maybe Robin’s master was more than rich. Amy thought to herself.

But she had no interest in this. She was eager to know how ugly her husband was.

“Miss Miller, please have a seat. I will get you the marriage contract.” Robin pointed to the sofa and asked the servant to serve some desserts and drink for her.


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