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Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again novel Chapter 563

Unexpectedly, Fraser happened to look over, and the moment their four eyes met, both of them were stunned.

But soon, Linda averted her gaze and put her head down, her voice flustered, small as she replied, "Never mind."

Looking at her red ears, as well as her flushed cheeks, Violet raised her eyebrows, seeming to understand something, "Oh ...... okay!"

"Alright, Violet, I won't talk to you anymore, I'll go out first." Linda didn't dare to stay any longer and hurriedly excused herself to leave.

She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, they would make fun of her.

Linda turned and walked away.

Fraser coughed lightly, "Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Murphy, I will also take my leave."

"Go ahead." Stanley nodded his head.

Fraser bowed to the two men and walked away as well.

Violet and Stanley were the only ones left in the living room.

Violet hugged Stanley's arm, "Honey, did you just see that?"

"What?" Stanley was holding the tablet in one hand, reading the financial report on it.

Violet laughed, "Of course it's Linda and Fraser, when I just let Linda find a man, she actually looked at Fraser, and most importantly, Fraser also looked at her, both of them blushed at that time, so I think, they must have feelings for each other."

"Is that so? I didn't notice that." Stanley turned the page and responded indifferently.

He wasn't really interested in, so he did not pay attention to that anymore.

When Violet saw how uninterested he was, the corners of her mouth twitched, "Forget it, it's no fun talking to you about this, take your time, I'll go see what the two kids are doing."

Stanley nodded.

Violet let go of him and went upstairs.

Soon, Violet's life regained its tranquility, as if overnight, all the bad guys had settled down.

Usually, she could still hear some whispers, like either something happened to her or something happened to Stanley.

But more than a month had passed, and it was still calm, as if both Ivy and Ivan were gone.

Of course, being gone was not true, they just did not do anything for the time being.

After all, Stanley had been moving quite a lot lately, and had gotten a lot of security facilities, so it was normal for Ivan and the others not to dare to venture out.

But Violet knew that they couldn't stay out of sight, maybe one day they would suddenly appear, so vigilance, for a moment, couldn't be put down.

That night, after Violet had put the two children to sleep, she went downstairs for a drink of water.

Linda happened to be up as well and was sitting on the couch in the living room, talking to someone on the phone.

And she didn’t know what the person on the other end of the phone said, but she couldn't stop smiling.

Only after she hung up did Violet speak, "Fraser called?"

Linda nodded, embarrassed, "Yeah, how did you know?"


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