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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 100

The note said "My baby.”




Mr. Bush's hands were a little excited, but he smiled and said, "This child looks really handsome.”


“Yeah, when he was born, he was very adorable. Since he was born, he has been considerate and sensible.”


When it came to her son, Nicole Bush was full of pride.


Mr. Bush calmly opened the photo album and slowly looked at it, and the more he saw, the more joyful he felt.


"I was not easy for Nicole to be abroad?"


Mr. Bush suddenly changed the subject.


Nicole Bush said in a low voice, “It's nothing, there are children here to accompany her, and it's a happy and fulfilling life.”


Mrs. Bush said anxiously, “Give it to me, why are you so selfish, old man?"


"I did not finish yet.”


Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush started arguing like two children.


Nicole Bush saw them like this, lips raised slightly. She vowed to bring Lucas Bush back to see the parents.


Just when she shared family happiness with Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush, Samuel Green did not go well.


Shortly after leaving the Bush family, Samuel Green met the team brought by Jason Don halfway.


There were exactly eight Bentleys, each of which was full of people, and it looked like a huge situation.


Samuel Green parked the car directly in the middle of the road, preventing them from moving forward.


“Jason Don, what do you mean?"


Samuel Green did not talk about friendship at this time.


It was impossible for him to still maintain a gentlemanly manner when others was about to hurt his woman.


Jason Don wasn't surprised to meet Samuel Green here.


He rolled down the window and said coldly, "Mr. Green, this is your business today, and I hope you let it go."


"I said, Catherine is my woman, you have to ask me if you want to touch her.”


Samuel Green did not flinch at all.


Jason Don's face suddenly looked awkward.


"Do you mean that you have to fight with me today? My mother gets old, but she was hurt by Catherine, and she almost died. Now should I not justify my mother?"


Jason Don's voice was cold, and there was a possibility of bursting at any time.


Samuel Green said in a low voice, "What the hell is going on, you might as well go back and ask your mother. As I said, as long as someone wants to touch Catherine, my entire Green Family will spare no effort to fight him. The Don Family is very famous, but if we mean to have a war, I don't think the Green Family has any coward inside. Even if our war was known by the chairman, I have time and energy to deal with you, but I am afraid that Mrs. Don will be really awkward. This is my advice to you.”


"Samuel Green, don't be too bully! The Green Family is the famous in the Seapolis City, but you can't be so domineering. Today I will take Catherine anyway. If you stop, don't blame me for being rude.”


During the talk, Jason Don's big hand waved, and a lot of bodyguards off the Bentley suddenly.


Samuel Green looked at them without blinking, but Jacob Brown said anxiously, "Mr. Green, I have contacted our people. Do you think we should let them come?"


“The Don Family dared to gather their men to make trouble, this was only because the title of the family of the martyr. The Green Family is now ordinary and reasonable people. It is illegal to gather together to make trouble. Jacob Brown, the Green Family can't do this kind of things, it lose our ancestor's face."


Samuel Green's words were not trivial, but it could be heard clearly by everyone, especially Jason Don.


Jason Don's angry chest undulated sharply.


"Samuel Green, don't show off your eloquence. I just want a justice for my mother today.”


"Then see you in court. As long as Mrs. Don is not afraid of embarrassment, we are always waiting.”


Samuel Green looked at Jason Don coldly, not letting go.


Jason Don was so angry that he asked his man to take out their guns.


He took a gun from his arms and pointed it at Samuel Green.


"Do you believe me or not that I can abolish you today?"


"Of course, The Don Family gave a family's life for the country, which in exchange for the Don Family's only heir, the only survivor Jason Don you can be qualified to hold a gun, this is not only known to the Seapolis City, but all over the country. Today I still believe that Mrs. Don's business has nothing to do with Catherine. Jason Don, if you have to find Catherine's trouble, you can step over me. As long as I am dead, I can't stop whatever you want to do.”


Samuel Green said coldly.


Jason Don's angry hands shivered.


Samuel Green was a tough guy when he was in the army. He had heard of it, but the two of them had never had a chance to fight. Now they had encountered it, but he did not expect such a situation.


“My mother is impossible to lie me. She said it was Catherine who wanted to kill her, and it must be her. My mother doesn't even know who is Catherine, why did she bother with a stranger? Samuel Green, you are also a child of your mom. If your mother is treated like this, I don't believe you can sit still.”


"I will not be so blind like you. Mother may be sacred in your mind, but Catherine is also sacred with me. She is the woman I want to protect with my life. My, Samuel Green's, woman is upright and she never do things that bully the elderly. There are misunderstandings and turns in this matter, you can go back and ask your mother, and it's not too late to come and ask someone from me.”


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