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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 101

“What did you say?”


Nicole thought she had heard it wrong.


Could this be another Samuel's trick again?


But why couldn't her compress her emotion?


Nicole's hands were trembling, and even accidentally crashed the corner of the sofa with her knee when she got up.


“What's wrong? What happened?”


Mrs. Bush was very worried when she saw Nicole's wired behavior.


Nicole took a look at Mrs. Bush and Mr. Bush. They had treated Samuel as their own son for the past five years. If they knew this, they might not be so anxious.


It's really false to say that she is not jealous.


Her own parents should have been loving her, but now they like Samuel so much and coincidentally at the time when she doesn't want to continue with Samuel anymore.


Nicole coughed and said, “Samuel has some trouble with the designing and needs me to go back to deal with it. Aunt, uncle, I will come to visit you someday later.”


She tried hard to make her tone as calm as possible, but her palms had oozed sweat.


"Go, go. Samuel hasn't been living a happy life in recent years. You can help him as much as you can.”


Mrs. Bush is now looking at Samuel as a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.


Nicole didn't say anything, said goodbye to Mrs. Bush quickly, then went out and got herself a taxi, and went to the military hospital immediately.


After coming to the military hospital, the people here surprised Nicole.


There were two rows of men in black standing in front of the operating room. A man in a wheelchair was murderous, and Jacob stared at them angrily.


“Jacob, how is Samuel?”


Nicole stepped forward and asked, she could feel her nervousness, but she told herself that it was all for Zoe, not for Samuel.


Jacob saw Nicole coming and greeted her quickly.


“Miss Bush, President Green is still rescuing.”


“What happened?”


When Nicole and Samuel left, Samuel was okay. Why did all this happen so suddenly?


Jacob hadn't spoken yet, and Jason who was sitting on the side spoke first.


“Are you Catherine?"


“Who are you?”


Subconsciously Nicole gave this man a look.


This man is very masculine, and at first glance she thought he is a justice person. But in Nicole's memory, she can't remember such person.


Jacob subconsciously pulled Nicole behind him and said viciously, “Master Don, Master Samuel have said that if you want Catherine, you can only get her by stepping over his body. Now master Green are in great danger. Master Don should not think about taking Ms. Catherine, right? Would you like to take advantage of this situation?”


“If linsist to take her away, what do you going to do to me? Jacob, you are alone, after all, there are so many people around me.”


Jason's brow furrowed slightly, obviously irritated.


Samuel dared to yell at him, relying only on the forces of the Green Family, and he was the leader of the Green Family, but Jacob was just a little assistant, and he dared to speak to him like this, it really makes no sense!


Jacob's face was flushed, and he just wanted to talk to Jason, but Nicole pulled his arm.


“Can you tell me who is this person in front of you first? What does he have to do with Samuel? Did he make Samuel injured and lie in it?”


Nicole asked several questions in a row.


Jacob nodded and said, “His name is Jason. He is from the Don Family. Mr. Green was injured by his pistol. The bullet shot directly into the heart. We don't know what will happen even now.”


Speaking of Samuel, Jacob's eyes were red.


Nicole's heart shook instantly.


Shot in the heart?


He just recovered not long ago!


Nicole stepped forward, looked straight at Jason and asked, “What's your relationship with Mrs. Don?”


“She's my mother.”


Jason saw Nicole directly asked Mrs. Don, and his anger rose again.


“Don't think that with Samuel protecting you, we the Don Family will not do anything to you, I tell you that my mother is still plugged into a ventilator in the hospital, and I will never forgive you for what you did to my mother!”


“What did I do to your mother? Jason, right? It looks like you are a decent person, but you are like your mother, do you want to blackmail me too?”


Nicole didn't know why. There was a fire lingering in her heart, which could not be scattered, and her word certainly became sharper.


When Jason saw her hurt his mother, but still be so eloquently to say that the old lady blackmail her, he was all on fire.


“What do you say? If you have the guts to say that again.”


“Not only do I dare to say, I also want to make it clear. Your mother seems to be a senior who is old but decent, but she did such thing as setting me up so shamelessly. And now you still try to kill my Samuel for this reason. I just want to ask you where is the dignity and honor of the Don Family? Is it still there? If you don't want it, just go home and shut your goddamn door and do whatever the shit you like. Everything I did is totally legal and justice, I haven't even touched your mother, not even by the side of the dress. But today about the fact that you shot Samuel in his heart, we are not finished!”


This may be the first time Nicole has showed so much affection for Samuel so firmly in front of outsiders. This even make Jacob stunned and he didn't even know what kind of reaction he should make.


Jason has been going smoothly all these years, when was he accused in person like this? He even took his mother with him.


He smiled since all the anger.


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