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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 102

Jason is really awkward to stay or leave. His face is even burning, but now he can only glare Nicole with his eyes, and really dare not do anything.


Nicole ignored him, and said to Jacob on the side, “Samuel has a special blood type. I have contacted other hospitals on my way here way. I think it will be delivered soon. Get yourself ready.”


Jacob paused for a moment, reacted immediately, and secretly admired Nicole's ability to deal with troubles.


He panicked, and he forgot that Samuel's blood type is special on their way here. Fortunately, Nicole is now fully prepared.


Now seeing this, Nicole did somewhat care about Samuel, does she?


Recalling Nicole's angry slap at Jason just now, Jacob is really sorry. If he had knew that he should take a picture with his mobile phone, and Mr. Green will definitely be very happy.


Nicole saw Jacob still standing still, frowning slightly.


“Why don't you go?”


“I'm afraid that if I leave, they will be against you.”


This is also a question considered by Jacob.


Samuel entrusted Nicole to him before he fell into a coma. He could not let Nicole be bullied by Jason here.


Nicole said coldly, "They don't dare to do anything to me for the time being. Going to get the blood source is the most important thing.”


As she said, the door of the operating room opened, and the doctor walked out of it anxiously.


“Mr. Green is rare panda blood. The blood in our blood bank is not enough. I need to get blood from other hospitals now, but I don't know if we can make it.”


“I have informed the Central Hospital and the Second Hospital on the way here. Now they should be on the road. Although there are not many spare blood sources, they should be able to support it. Doctor, will Samuel be okay?”


Nicole didn't realize that when she asked the last sentence, her whole voice was shaking.


The doctor glanced at Nicole and found that Jacob was also there, so he said in a low voice, “As long as the blood source reach here timely, we will do our best, but Mr. Green has a wound on his chest. This injury is indeed serious.”


As soon as this was finished, Jacob froze.


“President Green has...”


Before he finished asking, Nicole stared at him coldly, indicating a sense of warning.


Jacob shut up quickly.


Nicole looked back at Jason and said, “If something happens to Samuel, the Seapolis City will really be messed up.”


This was the first time since he was born that he was threatened by a woman. Trembling with anger, but he could not do anything to her. This stiffness made him stare at Nicole bitterly, then turned his head.


The blood sources of the central hospital and the second hospital soon arrived. The doctor did not dare to delay and quickly entered the operating room.


Nicole's heart seemed to be dragged by something.


The bodyguard saw Jason's face swollen, and quickly went to find ice cubes to give him a cold compress, but was rejected by Jason's cold air.


The tense atmosphere continued.


Jason's cell phone rang, and it was particularly abrupt.


He looked at Nicole and Jacob and pushed the wheelchair aside to answer the phone.


“What's the matter?”


The caller was the bodyguard who was staying in the hospital to care for Mrs. Don.


The bodyguard said in a low voice, “Master Don, the old lady is awake, she wants you to come back immediately, don't do anything to Samuel, it’s said that the Capital City has called.” Jason's mouth twitched.


“It's too late, I have wounded Samuel and! I am currently in the hospital for emergency treatment.”


The bodyguard said this to Mrs. Don, and Mrs. Don was immediately shocked. At this time, she could not pretend to be ill any more. She grabbed the phone and asked, “You hit on him?”


Jason heard her mother 's voice and mumbled, “No.”


Mrs. Don was relieved, but she heard Jason say, “I use the gun, shoot right into the heart!”


This sentence directly made Mrs. Don breathless.


“Jason, are you crazy? Who is Samuel? How can you shoot him?”


What cans Jason say?


“Mom, I was set up by Samuel. I didn't plan to shoot his heart. Who knows him...”


“Bullshit! The Morty family from the Capital City called and said that Master Morty had something to do with Samuel and asked him to go to the Capital City tomorrow. If this news reached the Capital City, how would you rescue our Don Family's honor?”


Mrs. Don really regrets her death now.


Jason has also reacted now.


“Mom, haven't you been in a coma? Why didn't you...”


“Get back! I have something to tell you!”


Mrs. Don couldn't care about anything else at this time, so she called Jason back first.


After Mrs. Don hung up the phone, Jason was confused.


Isn't his mother unconscious all the time?


But why didn't the Capital City call him, but call the old lady in the hospital?



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