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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 105

“Miss Bush!”


Jacob's face suddenly turned pale.


Samuel is already fall into coma. If anything happened to Nicole, how can he explain to Samuel?


Jacob was so scared that he was going to the doctor, but Jason stopped him.


“You don't need to go to the doctor anymore. She was too excited and fainted. You held her up. I helped press the acupoint and she will be all right.”


Jason's words made Jacob a little bit doubtful, but seeing Jason's serious expression at this time, he still helped to held Nicole still.


This is a technical job to press people’s acupoint, if press it too light it’s powerless to wake them up, if you pinch the acupoint really hard, you will make the patients uncomfortable.


Jason used to do this a lot when he was in the army. When facing Nicole, he suddenly couldn't do it freely.


The faint fragrance belonging to the woman passed into Jason's nose.


He is a man who rarely get close to women, not because of any special hobbies, but because he feels that he would rather be along than be a boyfriend of an ordinary girl. Now he suddenly smelled the sweet incense of Nicole, and for a while he was moved.


Realizing what he was thinking, Jason quickly stopped his thoughts and struck Nicole's acupoint.


The severe pain made Nicole exclaim, and the whole person woke up instantly.


Jason was facing Nicole because of the pressing. Nicole saw Jason's enlarged face close to her when she opened her eyes. 


She unconsciously raised her arm directly.


With a sound, Jason's face was slapped by Nicole again.


Jacob couldn't look at Jason.


An heir to the Don Family, he was slapped twice by a woman in one day. If this was spread out, the honor of Jason will all fade away.


Jason did not expect that he was greeted by a slap.


He froze for a moment, and his face sank immediately.


But he didn't say anything. This slap was what he owed Nicole.


Nicole didn't realize that she seemed to misunderstand until she finished her slap.


“What's wrong with me?”


Nicole quickly asked Jacob on the side.


Jacob told Jason about pinching her acupoint.


Nicole stood up coldly, said thank you coldly, and never said anything to Jason again.


Jason couldn't tell her emotion. a little angry? but it seemed that there was a trace of disappointment. As for why, he didn't want to think about it for the time being.


The lights of the emergency room went out, and Samuel was pushed out again.


The doctor was a little tired, and said in a low voice, “Mr. Green's temperature has become back to normal, but he has to be observed, if he can wake up tomorrow morning, it will be fine.”


After all, it is still unknown.


Nicole tells herself that she cannot fall asleep. What will happen to Samuel if she is asleep?


The two entered the ICU again.


This time Samuel never talked nonsense, nor had a fever, and slept soundly, but Nicole did not dare to blink.


She was afraid that when she takes a nap, and she will not notice anything happened to Samuel.


At about 4am in the morning, Samuel woke up.


He opened his eyes and stared blankly at the white ceiling, for a moment he was unclear where this was.


He twitched his finger violently, and heard a familiar sound with a hint of sweetness rushing into his nose.


“Are you awake?”


Nicole's face appeared in front of Samuel. Her eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, but she glanced at a moment of joy just now.


Samuel thought he had hallucinations.


How could Nicole appear here?


How could she care so much about him?


He must be dreaming!


Or is he already dead?


Otherwise, how did he start to hallucinate?


Samuel wanted to reach out and touch Nicole, but heard her say, “Don't move, I'll call the doctor.”


After talking to Nicole, she rushed out.


Samuel wanted to speak, but his throat is hurt as if he was burning.


He moved gently, and the intense pain made him instantly recover his consciousness.


Is he still alive?


When Samuel was stunned in doubt, the doctor had returned with Nicole.


“Doctor, he woke up, didn't you say it will be all right when he woke up? You can let the doctor check you out quickly, what else is wrong.”


There was a trace of excitement and joy in Nicole's voice.


Samuel has not seen such a Nicole for a long time. Although her appearance is different, the expression and the look make him seem to have returned to the day of five years ago.


He shouted involuntarily, “Nicole...”


His voice was hoarse, like a broken drum. He didn't hold the hope that Nicole would hear. Unexpectedly, Nicole turned suddenly and came to him quickly. She lowered her body and asked gently, “What's wrong? Is there anything uncomfortable?”



Samuel is extremely uncomfortable now.


His throat hurt so badly that he couldn't bear it anymore, but his pain was nothing compared to Nicole.


He held Nicole's hand tightly. Although he didn't have much strength, he held her hands tightly, as if only this can make everything in front of him more realistic.


The doctor was somewhat surprised to see Samuel's action.


There is nothing like Samuel who is rumored to be indifferent and cold!


But the doctor didn't say anything, and began a full body examination of Samuel.


Nicole wants to give him a glass of water, but Samuel has always refused to let go. The good-looking eyes now look at Nicole affectionately, which make Nicole's heartbeat accelerated like a deer.


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