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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 109



Nicole had to speak up to stop Lucas from messing things up.


“He's your...”


“Mommy is godfather's wife! The godfather has already said that he will marry mommy in the future! And from childhood to age, when I got a fever and got sick, it was the godfather who took care of me. When I need a father, it’s also the godfather who be with me. Mommy, you can't fail the godfather!”


Lucas seemed to know what Nicole was going to say. When Nicole hadn't spoken that words, he already hurriedly spoke.


Samuel finally let Nicole open her heart to him, and did not expect that the person who stopped them at this time was actually their son!


“No matter how good your godfather is, he is also a godfather! Do you understand what does it mean to be a godfather? That's not biological!”


Samuel wanted to tell himself not to argue with his son, but his jealousy just came out crazy.


Allen is a very good man.


in the past five years, he has replaced his position as the guardian of his wife and children, which has made Samuel extremely uncomfortable. Now he sees his son taking his side.


Samuel feels extremely cool inside his heart.


Lucas heard Samuel saying this and shouted angrily, “I will make him biological as long as I want to!”




“You Green, don't think that just because you have a loud voice and stronger body. I'll be afraid of you! I just don't like you and my mom together. You're a big bad guy, I just don't like you!”


Lucas rarely be so willful. After he finished speaking, his eyes were red, and the tears fell down. The looks on her face makes everybody distressing.


Nicole was very sad.


“Lucas, listen to Mommy, Mommy and your godfather are just good friends.”


“No! Mummy, you changed!”


Lucas cried and ran out of the ward.




Nicole was a little worried, but she was worried about Joseph Green and Samuel too and gave him a subconscious look.


Samuel said in a low voice, “Go and bring the bodyguard at the door with you. Rest assured, he is still a child, and I won't bother him.”


“Samuel, give him a little time. After all, from birth to now, all his fantasy and understanding of his father come from Allen.”


Nicole's sentence seemed to be inserted into Samuel's chest with a knife.


But what can he say?


If it wasn't for him that he wanted to send Nicole away, how could they be separated and caused the discord between father and son?


“Go, I understand. Comfort the stinky boy.”


Samuel smiled faintly, even though his heart was bleeding.


Nicole no longer dared to delay, and ran out quickly.


Joseph Green was frightened by this scene directly.


Lucas live up to his fame as boss. He never dared to talk to Daddy like that, but Lucas dared to yell at Daddy!


The boss is really powerful


Joseph Green wanted to give Lucas a thumbs-up, but suddenly realized that an eye-sight was shooting at him.




Joseph Green took a step back timidly, and now wants to minimize his presence.


He didn't have the courage to bear Samuel's anger alone.


Seeing Joseph Green timid like a mouse, Samuel was a little helpless.


in the past few years, he has indeed been stricter to Joseph Green. That is because he intends to hand over the Green Family to Joseph Green. It can also be regarded as a payback for his brother. Who knows this will cause Joseph Green to be in awe of him.


If one day Joseph Green treat him like Lucas, he doesn’t know what kind of mood he will have to face Samuel.


“Come here!”


Samuel beckoned to Joseph Green.


“Can I not go there?”


Joseph Green asked aggrievedly, his voice very quiet.


“Come here, Daddy wont bite you.”


Samuel felt that Joseph Green was indeed a little cuter this way.


Joseph Green walked around Samuel, fearing that Samuel would scold him, but thinking of Lucas, he dared to say, “Daddy, the boss didn't mean to piss you off on purpose, he just cares too much about his mummy.”


"Boss? You call Lucas the boss? But obviously you are older than him!"


Samuel smiled and let Joseph Green climb into the bed. He caressed his head.


Fortunately, Joseph Green was not taught to be a bad boy by Riley.


Joseph Green seldom felt Samuel 's tenderness. When Samuel touched him like this, he was like a cat that was shaved, and he immediately dared to lie on Samuel, with big eyes blinking at Samuel.


“Daddy, do you like the boss too?”


“Do you like it?”


instead of answering the question, Samuel asked.


Joseph Green nodded for the first time.


“Of course! It's so strange, I just like to be friends with the boss. He's awesome! He's as big as me, even I am a few days older than him, but he can actually design games! And he knows a lot about computers, I feel that there is nothing that he does not understand in this world. Although he always said that I was stupid when I am with him, I was not angry. I just like to be with him.”


Listening to Joseph Green complimenting Lucas so generously, Samuel smiled and said, “So let him be your real brother, OK?”


“Eh? We are already brothers. We all said yes, no matter where we are in the future, we are brothers!”


Joseph Green patted his chest proudly, and the look on his face was particularly happy.


Samuel took him in his arms and said in a low voice, “I mean let him move to our house with Aunt Bush in the future and live with us. Let him call me father, and you can call Aunt Bush mum. Is it good?”


Joseph Green suddenly froze.


“But don't I have a mommy? Why should I call Aunt Bush mum?”


“Because we can be a family!”


Samuel's words made Joseph Green a little bit embarrassed.


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