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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 113

To offend someone, after Nicole Bush returned, Nicole Bush seems to have only had contact with a woman, and that woman is obviously Riley George!


Although he was somewhat reluctant to believe that this might be related to Riley George, Samuel Green said to Jacob Brown on the side, “Go and find out, where was Riley George when Lucas disappeared? Also, during this time Riley George returned to the George family, what has the family done, what her mother Swift Jerry is doing, I want detailed information.”


Nicole Bush heard Samuel Green say this, her eyes widened suddenly.


“Are you Saying that all this has to do with Riley George?”


“I'm just guessing, I hope it's not her.”


Samuel Green's words made Nicole Bush somewhat uncomfortable.


“What if she is?”


She recalled the decision Samuel Green made about her and Riley George five years ago and immediately asked.


Nicole Bush's question is a bit sharp.


Samuel Green looked at her and suddenly felt distressed.


She understands her uneasiness and her worries.


“If it were her, I would not let her go. Nicole, although she is the mother of Joseph Green and the lover of my younger brother, in many cases, I would not punish her for what she did for my brother's sake, but this won't happened now! Lucas is our son, I won't let anyone touch him, even Riley George! The person I am guilty to is the Vincent, and I take care of Riley George because of the Vincent. If Riley George is not sure about her position and did something to Lucas, I will definitely deal with her seriously.”


Samuel Green said clearly, firmly, that protective eyes suddenly broke away from Nicole Bush's psychological haze.


“Samuel, I'm scared! I'm really scared!”


Nicole Bush rushed into his arms


She can believe him, right?


After all, Lucas Bush is a child of them.


Samuel Green hugged Nicole Bush tightly.


He never felt that he had such a powerless day, but now he feels at a loss.


He was the god of the Seapolis City, the master of the Seapolis City, but he lost his son when he was on his own territory.


At this point, Samuel Green cannot forgive himself.


Jacob Brown's investigation soon came out.


“Master Green, Riley George have been reflecting on their home early in the past few days. She has been to a beauty salon to make up her faces during this time, and she haven't gone out anymore. I ‘ve checked it. The beauty salon is the one she always likes to go to. Nothing special, everything is normal.”


“What about Swift Jerry?”


“Swift Jerry has been going out frequently recently, and has participated in several events of the upper-class banquet, but there is nothing out of the common sense. I have checked all the people she contacts with, no problem.”


Jacob Brown's answer brought Samuel Green's brows tightly together again.


If everything is fine, then where is the problem?


He couldn't wait any longer and said in a low voice, “Check all the slums in the Seapolis City and the businesses on the underworld!”


Jacob Brown was somewhat hesitant.


“Master Green, this will offend many people.”


“I don't care. I am losing my son of the Green Family. Do I have to look at the faces of those suckers?”


Samuel Green is very clear about what will happen if he did this.


Seeing Samuel Green 's idea settled, Jacob Brown quickly nodded and went to do it,


For a while, the underworld business of the Seapolis City was affected.


Regardless of the channel, any industry has been ordered to check and inspection, for a time the Seapolis City was in a chaos.


In a remote corner of the Seapolis City, Petty looked at Lucas Bush in front of he, who was still unconscious, and said to the man next to her, “Samuel Green is not ab easy man, you actually robbed the son of the woman he cares most about, you don't want to live?”


“Whether we can live or not depends on how we play this game. Petty, this stink boy can't stay with us, he has to be send away as soon as possible.”


The man's voice was very low, as if he was afraid of being heard, he even wore clothes with a hat, and a wide hat blocked his head.


Petty said a little annoyedly, “How? Now everyone hears Samuel Green was checking, and everyone is frightened, who is willing to take over? It was deal to take this stink boy out from the waterway and sell him to Southeast Asia, now every ports were guard with the Don Family guardians, we have no chance at all. Will you contact the Don Family old lady again?”


“Do you want me to die? Now go to the Don Family, do you think Samuel Green is a fool?”


The man was obviously angry.


Petty also got angry.


“Samuel Green is not a fool, you are! For the sake of a woman, you make yourself fail like this, it is impossible to came back to the old time, does that woman care about your life or death?”


“Enough! If you are not happy to help me, you can go back, I will go all the way alone!”


The man turned his head angrily, obviously mad.


Petty's tears burst out of her eyes.


“I won't help you? I have been in the Green Family for so many years, and finally gain my current status. For you, I gave up everything and become the enemy of the whole Green Family. You actually tell me to go and not help you? Zac Neo! Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?”


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