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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 116

After all, Petty is more experienced, and she said in a low voice, “Two or three of you, chase after that little devil. The rest of you do your daily jobs.


Don't let others find any abnormal here, hurry!”


She was about to faint from the pain, but she couldn't extinguish her anger.


She used to be someone of great significance, but she didn't expect that she will fail because of a little boy today.


Sure enough, he was Samuel Green's son!


At such a young age, he is able to protect himself. If he grow older, who will he became?


Petty's kindness and conscience had disappeared completely.


She now can't wait to cut off Lucas Bush's skin and twitch his muscles to relieve her hatred.


Lucas Bush heard that the sound of persons chasing decreased, and thought it was an opportunity.


In fact, he is not far from the front desk. At this time, it may be a shortcut to rush out to find help, but he dared not guarantee that the people who come are so sympathetic.


If that guy doesn't care about his life and death, or even try to stop his escape, wouldn't he expose himself to Petty again?


Thinking of this, Lucas Bush gritted his teeth and gave up the idea of running to the front desk of the net. As soon as he turned around, he got into the VIP room directly and hid under the bed.


There’re many VIP rooms here, and they should not come in and search the room one by one. Moreover, Lucas Bush has seen this room has a “Do not disturb” sign on the wall, indicating that there is someone inside.


In the case of there are guests, those people might not dare to search so blatantly.


When he entered the room, Lucas Bush heard the sound of bath water in the bathroom, and he hid under the bed.


Nicole Bush entered the beauty salon after being disguised but she felt something wired about this salon when she came in.


How can there be no one in the beauty salon?


“Anyone there?”


Nicole Bush shouted and wanted to go inside.


Just then, two waiters came out.


“Hello, can I help you?”


The waiter smiled, it seemed to make people feel like spring breeze, but also successfully prevented the footsteps of Nicole Bush from entering.


Nicole Bush felt annoyed for a while, but said with a smile, “I heard that you have a good face massage here, I am coming to check out. How to recharge? Is it a payment or a direct charge to the membership card? Any trails?”


She looked around, as if looking at the poster on the wall of the beauty salon. In fact, she was looking at the layout around her.


This is just a beauty salon, but there are many cameras hidden densely here.


Beauty salons generally pay the most attention to guest privacy. Although this is a lobby, it does not need so many cameras.

Nicole Bush feels that there is something abnormal here, maybe Lucas Bush might be here right now.


She was suddenly excited.


If she can rescue her son, she will definitely make full efforts.


The waiter hurried forward and took out a series of product of the beauty salon and began to explain to her wholeheartedly.

Nicole Bush couldn't listen at all, but she had to pretend to listen carefully, and she really can't focus.


Just when she was ready to scold the waiters, the doorbell rang again.


The waiter said enthusiastically as soon as he saw the person, “Miss George, you are here!”


Nicole Bush is now disguised and was not afraid of Riley George recognizing her. After hearing Riley George is here, her hands were held tightly together.


Riley George glanced at Nicole Bush subconsciously. After knowing she is not someone she knows, she lazily said, “I am looking for Mr. Zac. I am not feeling well recently. I want him to give me a massage.”


The waiter quickly smiled and said, “Technician Zac is temporarily out for business today. It's better for Ms. George to go to the VIP room and wait


here. We will immediately notify Technician Zac to return.”


“Well, hurry up, I still have something to do in the afternoon. Don't delay.”


“Yes, Yes, Yes!”


The waiter sent Riley George into her exclusive room.


Seeing the attitude of the waiter towards Riley George, Riley George is a frequent visitor here.


Nicole Bush frowned slightly and said, “What the hell is going on? You think she's a guest and I'm not a guest? I came first, okay? What do you mean by leaving me here and go kiss her ass? Do you look down upon me? Don't you think I can afford a VIP here?”


Nicole Bush's voice was a little sharp at the moment, and it seemed a bit harsh.


Riley George had already walked in the VIP room, but she stepped back after hearing the shouting of Nicole Bush and said disdainfully, “What are you doing? Can you compare with me? I tell you that I am the future hostess of the Green Family! My son is the future heir of the Green Family! This entire Seapolis City will be our mother and son in the future. It's an honor to let you get in here. If you keep on screaming I will throw you out of here.”


Nicole Bush was extremely mad at the time.


“You also said that you are the future hostess of the Greens, it's not now, right? Besides, the whole Seapolis City is not just about the Green Family. Isn't it a rumor that young master of the Green Family was missed now? It is said that this the young master is not the original one of the Green Family, so who is the heir of the Green Family in the future? I'm really not sure. Yoh, young lady, I suggest you not being so rude.”




Riley George want to fight Nicole Bush, but she didn't forget her purpose of coming here and said fiercely, “Huh! I ‘m in a good mood today, I don't care what you said. That wild kid is not able to compare to my son. We will see, that wild kids won't necessarily have that ability to manage the wealth of the Green Family.”


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