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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 119

“Senior Green? Is it your men?”


Lucas Bush gave Samuel Green a subconscious look.




Samuel Green was a little nervous.


He quickly put down Lucas Bush and said in a low voice, “Go hide under the bed, no matter who is coming, no matter what happen in a moment, don't make a sound. Wait until I've handled everything and come out again, you know?”


Lucas Bush blinked his big eyes, somewhat worried.


“Can you handle this alone?”


“Yah! As long as you are there, Daddy will do whatever you want.”


Samuel Green smiled and touched Lucas Bush's head. At this moment, he couldn't express his satisfaction.


Lucas Bush's face was awkward, but he didn't say anything.


He obediently hid under the bed.


At this moment, the door was suddenly opened, and Zac Neo faced Samuel Green directly.


Zac Neo didn't think of facing Samuel Green in such a direct way after five years, and he was stunned for a while.


The moment Petty saw Samuel Green, the whole person panicked. She pulled Zac Neo and turned to run, but heard Samuel 

Green coldly say, “Where do you think you can go? All of them are my people, Are you sure you can rush out?”


Zac Neo stopped suddenly.


In fact, as for Samuel Green, he can be regard as his savior. In the Green Family, Samuel Green is quite good to him, but...


Zac Neo stopped, turned to look at Samuel Green, and said in a low voice, “Master Green...”


“I thought you died in that fire five years ago, obviously I was naive. You are living well now, and Nicole Bush has suffered because of the fire, can you tell me what happened that year?”


Samuel Green's expression was very cruel, and there's no trace of kindness. Zac Neo knew that his friendship with Samuel Green as master and servant had been burnt down in the fire five years ago.


Petty pushed Zac Neo constantly, whispering, “You go first, I will stop him.”


Zac Neo shook his head and said, “Neither of us can defeat him even if we do this together. Why do we deceive ourselves? 

But Master Green, you are injured.”




Samuel Green ask as if he didn't care about it.


Zac Neo guarded Petty behind him and said lightly, “So as long as I can beat you, I still have a chance.”


“Oh, do you think I will give you this opportunity? Let alone whether you had anything to do with the fire five years ago. Five years later, you dared to kidnap my son, Zac Neo. How can you be so cocky? Even if you want to escape today, I will not give you this opportunity!”


Samuel Green took a step back.


Zac Neo followed, but pushed Petty out in his last step.




“I don't want to go! Zac Neo, I want to die with you!”


Petty cried and wanted to grab Zac Neo's hand, but unfortunately she was pushed out by Zac Neo cruelly.


“Go away!”


Zac Neo closed the door directly, shutting Petty out.


He didn't know if Petty could leave here, but as long as she didn't die in Samuel Green's hands, should she still have a chance?


Samuel Green was not in a hurry, just looked at them coldly.


Zac Neo turned around and looked at Samuel Green, saying, “Master Green, whether it was five years ago or five years later, 


I'm sorry for you. Whatever I say means nothing. I just hope you can let Petty go.”


“Do you think you have any qualifications to negotiate to me?”


“No, so I will try to beat you!”


Zac Neo finished and quickly attacked Samuel Green.


Lucas Bush was extremely nervous when he looked at this under the bed. He was so scared that he quickly covered his mouth and even closed his eyes, but he was afraid of missing something so he opened a slit to watch the fight outside.


Samuel Green was injured, but his didn’t forget his skills. When Zac Neo attacked, he flashed sideways, and then hit Zac Neo with a straight left punch.


Zac Neo is not an easy man. Hearing the sound of punching, he quickly bowed his head, escaped the punch, and counterattacked quickly.


The moves of the two people are somewhat the same, and for a while there is some inconsistency.


Samuel Green might not have to try so hard normally, but now he can feel the wound in his chest crack, and the bright red blood oozes out a little, dripping through the clothes on the floor.


One drop, two drops...


Lucas Bush's eyes suddenly turned red.


Will Samuel Green die?


What if he be killed by the man in front of him?


He suddenly became scared.


The unexplainable fear made him want to cry.


Lucas Bush quickly crawled out of the bed and ran quickly towards the window.


Zac Neo was surprised by the sudden appearance of Lucas Bush. With a slight gap, Samuel Green's fist was already 



“Your target is me! Zac Neo!”


Samuel Green's punch happened to hit Zac Neo's face. When he was hit, his nose was sour for a moment. At the same time, he realized why Samuel Green would appear alone in this room, and the people outside who were making trouble were probably arranged by Samuel Green.


The battle made a sharp turn, Zac Neo wanted to escape, but Samuel Green was difficult to deal with.


Lucas Bush ran all the way to the window and opened the window and shouted out.


“Come here! Senior Green and I are here! Come here!”


Lucas Bush's voice was not loud, but it transmitted far away, and he almost utterly exhausted all his strength screaming.


At this moment, Lucas Bush hated that he would not protect himself, otherwise, wouldn't he need Senior Green to save him?



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