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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 122

Allen put his mobile phone aside. His eyes were dark and unclear. He seemed to be shrouded in the cold winter. The low air pressure made the whole office cold and terrible.


The secretary shivered when she came in.


“President Brook, Mrs. Brook called and asked you to go back to the old house this evening.”


“Get out of here!”


Allen was in a bad mood.


He wasn't as calm as he was on the phone. He was even a little violent, which made the secretary a little scared. She quickly backed out and quickly closed the door of the office.


Allen knew why Mrs. Brook asked him to go back.


He was going to be thirty. At this age, other men’s children could run, but now he didn't have a girlfriend to marry. No wonder Mrs. Brook was worried.


But except Nicole, he really didn’t want anyone else to be his wife.


He remembered seeing Nicole for the first time. She had long hair and entered the campus lively. She asked him with a smile, “excuse me, how can I get to the teaching building?”


At that moment, his heart was lost.


More than ten years have passed, but he still couldn't let go of this woman. It was a pity that she didn't love him!


Allen punched his desk. He hated the unfairness of his fate and his soft heart. If he didn't let Nicole go back to the Seapolis City, would she and Lucas still be with him at this time?


But if he didn't let Nicole go back, she cried all day for Zoe's illness, and he couldn't bear it.


What should he do?


Let go or fight hard?


Allen's mind was in a state of turmoil.


He seldom smoked. Because of Lucas and Zoe, he almost gave up smoking, but at this moment, he strongly needed nicotine to ease his mood, otherwise, he was afraid that he would go mad.


Smoke was floating in the air. Allen coughed and his tears came out.


At first, he tried to restrain himself, but then he simply no longer covered up his emotions, allowing a line of clear tears to flow down the corner of his eyes.


He had the authority and decision-making power of the whole French Financial Street, but he couldn't win back a woman's heart.


He felt very sad and ridiculous.


Outside came the frightened knock of the secretary.


“Go away!”


Allen threw everything on the desk to the ground. The loud noise made the Secretary shiver again. She wanted to turn around and run. However, she hesitated for a moment and said, “President Brook, the hospital called to say Zoe is not in good condition.”


Allen pushed the chair straight away and opened the door to the office.


“What did you say?”


His tone was anxious and he smelled of tobacco. The tears on his face had not dried up. The secretary had never seen him so embarrassed and subconsciously  stunned.


“What did you say?”


Allen roared like crazy.


The secretary regained consciousness.


“The hospital called to say Zoe was not in good health”


Allen rushed out like a madman.


“President Brook, your face...”


The secretary wanted to say there were tears on your face, but she didn't go on.


Who was Allen?


An elite in French finance.


How could he cry?


Who in France had the ability to make President Brook cry?


She must be dazzled.


The secretary constantly admonished herself, but the shock in her heart had already swept all her senses like a tempestuous wave.


Allen ran out and came back like crazy. Before the secretary had time to respond, Allen said to her gravely, “if Miss Bush calls, don't tell her Zoe’s condition is getting worse. Do you hear me?”


“But isn't she Zoe's mother? In case...”


“Shut up! Zoe will be fine, and I won't let anything happen to her. If Miss Bush finds out about this, you'll be fired.”


At this time, Allen regained his decisive attitude in business, as if the weakness of the moment just now was just the secretary's illusion.


The secretary nodded immediately.


It was about her own future. How could she dare say that?


When Allen saw his secretary nodding, he left in a hurry.


After he left, the secretary sat down on the chair and felt that she was on the verge of death.


President Brook was really scary when he lost his temper.


She patted herself on the chest. She was about to start working when the phone rang on her desk.


“Hello, this is the president's office of HJ Group. Who are you, please?”


The secretary tried her best to restore her original working attitude.


Nicole coughed and said, “it’s me, Nicole.”


As soon as she said her name, the secretary almost dropped the phone.


President Brook was right.


As soon as he left, Nicole called. If Allen didn't tell her in advance, she didn’t know how to respond.


“Miss Bush, can I help you?”


“What is President Brook doing now?”



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