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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 127

Samuel would like Lucas to leave early, but he is worried about Lucas’ safety.


Fortunately, Macon was still in the Seapolis City. Samuel called Macon and asked him to send Lucas back to the Green 

family's old house. He hoped that Macon could stay in the Green family's old house for a few days to look after his two children.


Lucas was glad to hear that Macon would protect them.


The kidnapping made Lucas realize that some of the things Macon taught were particularly useful. What he lacked was self-defense. If Macon could stay and teach them, he could guarantee that he would grow up soon.


A kidnapping incident made Lucas deeply realize that only when he was strong could he protect himself and his mommy and not let her and his brother worry.


It didn’t matter how much he suffered for this goal.


Thinking of this, Lucas jumped out of his chair.


“Mommy, I'll go back first. You don't have to worry about me. With instructor Macon here, Joseph and I will be safe. Take good 

care of this man here.”


From Lucas’ tone, it was not difficult to tell that he adored Macon and disliked Samuel, which made Samuel very speechless.


Why did Lucas worship others without knowing how brave and capable his father was?


But Lucas didn’t give Samuel a chance to talk. He waved directly at Samuel and said, “I'll wait outside the door so that I won't be disgusted again.”


Then he made a face and ran away with the braised fish.


Nicole's lips rose slightly.


Lucas hadn't been so childish for a long time. She even thought her son had grown up. She didn't expect that he seemed to release his nature in the Seapolis City, and he was more or less childlike.


“Lucas is a lot more cheerful after he came back to the Seapolis city.”


Nicole was telling the truth.


Maybe here he didn't have to watch Zoe suffer every day. He didn't have to watch Nicole cry every day, and he didn't have to 

worry about Zoe dying on the operating table one day.


Here, he was Lucas.


A four-year-old had his own brother and playmate and what he wanted to do. Although he was still worried about Zoe, there was a difference between being with her and worrying about her from afar.


Nicole felt sorry for the kids.


She made Zoe suffer from birth. She made Lucas lose his innocence and happiness. She made herself have a bad five years.


If she had known that bringing Lucas back would have made him so cheerful, she might have come back a few years earlier.


Samuel saw that the emotions in Nicole's eyes were very complicated. He didn't know what she was thinking, but after hearing her evaluation of Lucas, he coughed and said, “of course he's cheerful. I'm his father! It's best for children to be with their own parents! No matter how much love is given by others, it can't be compared with the love of their own parents. Children’s desire for their own parents is innate.”


It was like a thunderbolt on Nicole's head.


Over the past five years, Allen had been so good to the three of them that she wanted to escape, not to mention how good he was to Lucas and Zoe, but Lucas had always been very sensible and even mature in front of Allen. Was it because he knew Allen wasn't his own father?


Was he afraid that if he was disobedient or behaved badly, Allen would not take care of her and Zoe?


Nicole never thought about this before, but today Samuel said that, and she suddenly thought of it.


Although Lucas was a boy, he was sensitive from childhood. He could feel the mood of an adult and become very obedient.


She used to think there was nothing wrong with Lucas, but now it seemed that Lucas should not.


He should have been carefree, but because of her and Zoe, he restrained his nature and even flattered Allen. It was not obvious, but wasn't he working so hard and obedient to win Allen's favor?


But in front of Samuel, Lucas completely released his nature. He said and did what he wanted without any scruples.


He already knew that Samuel was his own father. He knew that they were related by blood, so he didn’t care whether his willfulness would upset Samuel so much that he didn't like him. He knew that Samuel was his father at all times. He would indulge him and tolerate him, wouldn't he?


Nicole suddenly felt like a failure as a mother.


She always felt that she was trying to live and be independent. She wanted to give Lucas and Zoe good living conditions, but she didn’t expect her son to learn to flatter and mature prematurely.


Nicole suddenly sat in front of Samuel and looked at Samuel with tears in her eyes. It seemed as if she was about to cry the next moment.


Samuel suddenly became nervous.


“What's the matter? Did I say something wrong? You know me. I'm not very good at coaxing women. If you don't like what I said, tell me and I'll change it later. Can you stop crying? I'm not afraid of anything but you cry.”


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