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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 128

“Forget it. You'd better not say it.”


In the end, Samuel couldn't resist his anxiety and refused Nicole’s answer.


Nicole looked at him and didn’t know how to explain Zoe to him. She never thought that Samuel would think of Allen. When she heard Samuel say no, she was relieved.


Seeing her relieved, Samuel was depressed again. The chicken soup that he thought was good to drink became tasteless.


“I'm full.”


“You only drank a little.”


Nicole looked at the soup bowl in her hand and looked at him helplessly.


“I'm hurt. I can’t drink too much.”


Samuel made an excuse.


Nicole saw that he was not happy, but now Samuel was not in good health, and if she told him about Zoe, he would go to France immediately. With his current physical fitness, he may have fallen ill before he arrived in France, let alone visit Zoe.


Nicole didn't care that Samuel got angry. She put the soup bowl into the lunch box and said faintly, “if you’re hungry, eat more. It can stop the food from getting cold. It’s greasy, but it’s good for your wound. You should drink it.”


Nicole didn't explain her relationship with Allen at all. Samuel became more and more depressed.


“I'm tired and want to sleep.”


“Well, I'll be here with you.”


Nicole knew he was not happy. She just obeyed him, which made Samuel more and more upset.


He wanted to lose his temper, but when he saw Nicole's dark circles, he held back and loved her.


“Go to bed and we can sleep together. Look at your dark circles. People will think I hit you.”


Nicole saw that Samuel was clearly depressed but cared about her. She suddenly smiled and felt warm in her heart.


“l can rest in Lucas’ bed. You have injuries. If you want to be with me, you should recover as soon as possible.”


This obviously hurt Samuel again.


He lay down and turned over and left his back to Nicole.


His childish movements made Nicole's lips rise slightly. It was like Samuel was like five years ago and they were still them at that time.


But she knew they had changed after all.


They had children and missed five years.


Nicole gently lay down on Lucas’ bed. She was going to have a quiet rest, but she didn't expect that she was so tired that she fell asleep.


Samuel didn’t hear Nicole. He turned his head and saw Nicole's quiet sleeping face.


Unlike five years ago, Nicole now curled up in her sleep and held her arms tightly in her hands. She seemed to be defending herself.


He suddenly remembered the fire five years ago.


A delicate woman struggled in the fire and called for help, and she slowly became desperate. She had to protect herself with her arms around her chest, which suddenly broke Samuel's heart.


He got out of bed quietly and covered Nicole with a quilt. Then he gave her a little kiss on the forehead, changed his clothes and left the ward.


The bodyguard at the door was a little surprised when he saw Samuel, but he didn’t make a sound. He was obviously well-trained.


“Protect Mrs. Green. If she wakes up and asks you where I am, tell her I have gone home and will take back some clothes and I'll be back in a minute.”




Samuel ordered and closed the door and walked out of the military hospital.


When he came to the police station, the director was somewhat flattered and immediately went out to meet him.


“President Green, why are you here? You can tell me what you want. We will try our best to do it.”


Samuel didn’t say anything about the director's hospitality. He just said coldly, “where's Riley?”


The director didn’t know about Riley's relationship with Samuel. There were different rumors, but one thing was true: Riley 

gave birth to Samuel’s successor five years ago. On this basis, the director did not dare to punish Riley. Although Jacob said that they could do anything, the director did not dare.


Now Samuel came in person and asked about Riley. The director felt that he was right. They were going to make up, right?


Samuel came to pick her up in person.


At the thought of this, the director said with a smile, “Miss George has been in a bad mood since she came here. I put her in a single dormitory. Although the food is not rich, it is delicious. President Green, you can rest assured that Miss George has not suffered here.”


As soon as Samuel heard what the director said, he became unhappy.


“Is she here for pleasure? You are considerate. I don't think this is a police station, it's a hotel.”


Then he walked into the hall angrily.


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