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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 129

“Samuel, what are you talking about? How can you say that to me? I've been working hard for you and Joseph over the past five years. What have I done wrong?”


Samuel was suddenly disgusted with Riley.


He rarely punished women, and Riley certainly wouldn't tell the truth now. Instead of wasting time with her, it was better to change the strategy.


Samuel looked at Riley coldly and said, “this is the last chance I'll give you. Riley, as long as you tell me what you've done to the people of the Green family, I can promise you I won't let you go to prison, but if you give up this opportunity, you will have no relationship with the Green family in the future. Of course, in Joseph's impression, you will naturally get sick and die.”


Riley panicked when she heard that.


“What are you going to do to me?”


“It depends on what you say to me.”


Samuel's cruelty almost destroyed Riley's last fluke.


“You can't do this to me! Samuel, I spent five years of my youth raising your son and contributing to the Green family. How can you do this to me?”


Samuel saw Riley coming at him. He immediately pulled the guard aside to block him in front of him.


Riley was caught off guard and hugged the guard.


The guard was a young man. He blushed when he was hugged by Riley, and he was even at a loss.


Riley became angry.


“How dare you take advantage of me? Do you want to die?”


She slapped him in the face.


The guard was caught off guard and was slapped. He was really angry.


Samuel was glad he wasn't touched by Riley, otherwise, he would be sick for days and might make Nicole sick. His face darkened again at the thought.


“It seems that you don't repent. It’s a good place. You can think it out and come to me at any time.”


With that, Samuel left the room without any nostalgia. “It's too small here,” he said to the director. “You can put Miss George in the interrogation room. If she doesn't say it, don’t give her food or water until she says it.”


The director nodded immediately.


Riley broke down.


“Samuel, you can't do this to me! Joseph is still young. He can't do without his mother! Don’t you fear that he will know the truth and hate you? You're sorry for Vincent. Do you want his son to lose his mother? How can Vincent be relieved underground?”


Riley had to mention Vincent, who was dead.


Samuel's eyes suddenly tightened. He quickly turned around and grabbed Riley's neck with lightning speed. His eyes were scarlet.


“You don't deserve to mention Vincent! Believe it or not, if you mention him again, I will let you accompany him!”


Samuel didn't seem to be joking at all. His terrible temperament frightened the director and the guards.


Riley was scared for the first time.


She really realized that Samuel really wanted her to die!


The hatred in his eyes was so strong that Riley was shivering all over.


“Samuel, you...”


“Do you really think I don't know how Vincent died? Don't you know? If it wasn’t for the fact that you were pregnant with Vincent's son, you think you would live to this day? In the fight five years ago, you and the leader would have died together.”


Samuel pushed Riley away, but what he said made Riley tremble. She was so pale that she couldn't say a word.


Samuel tried to suppress his emotions, and his chest rose and fell sharply.


“Riley, from today on, you don't deserve to mention Vincent's name. If I hear you mention Vincent again, I'll put you in his grave and you'll go and plead with him in person. I can do it! You'd better not challenge my bottom line!”


With that, Samuel left the dormitory without stopping.


The director knew he had made a mistake about Samuel's meaning, so he didn't dare to delay. He immediately asked the guards to take Riley, who had been stunned, to the interrogation room.


When they came out, they thought that Samuel had gone, but they didn't expect that Samuel was smoking in front of the window.


With his cigarette butts flickering, Samuel turned his back to them and looked out the window at the scene, but his terrible temperament made everyone dare not breathe.


Under great pressure, the director went over and asked, “President Green, what else can I do for you?”


Samuel took a strong puff at his cigarette and put it out with his finger.


It felt like a hot iron was burning his chest.


He said coldly, “if she doesn't say it in the middle of the night, let someone put a fire in from the outside, and let her suffer as much as possible without endangering her life.”



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