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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 130

After leaving the police station, Samuel got on the car and suddenly felt the air in the car was very stuffy.


Today, he was going out to ask Riley what happened five years ago, but she mentioned Vincent.


As an informer, Vincent was very secretive. In order to protect him, the superior took all kinds of protective measures, but in the end, Vincent's identity was revealed.


At the time, Riley was the only one around Vincent.


Riley was a suspect. The superiors planned to investigate her, but she was pregnant at that time.


She was pregnant with Vincent's baby!


Mrs. Green knew that Riley was pregnant with Vincent's baby and wanted to get her back in person. Samuel stopped Mrs. Green and he brought Riley back.


But Samuel didn't stop investigating Riley. All the evidence suggested that Riley was highly suspected.


Samuel didn't know what his brother Vincent felt like before he died, but he must have loved Riley, and for this reason, Samuel stopped investigating. He even took Riley back to the Green family for Vincent's son.


But the thorn went deep into Samuel's heart and couldn't be pulled out.


Now Riley mentioned Vincent again. It reminded Samuel of his previous doubts. He thought it necessary to investigate deeply. Even if Vincent blamed him, he had to know the truth because he was not alone now. He had a wife and son to protect.


Samuel lit a cigarette again and smoked silently. He had not smoked for a long time, but now he urgently needed to comfort himself with cigarettes.


Riley said that Vincent died for him. There was one thing that nobody knew. It was just a secret between them. But Riley knew it, which showed how much Vincent loved her and how much he believed in her. But this woman didn't love Vincent, which made Samuel very uncomfortable.


At that time, Samuel took part in a secret mission in the army. Later, because the mission was leaked, he had to quit the mission and go home to inherit his family business. However, he and Vincent were twin brothers, and they looked the same.


If Vincent stayed in the Seapolis City, where he could protect him, he might not have died, but he went to the place where his mission had failed.


Being revealed was a fatal injury to Vincent, but Samuel got the news that someone thought of Vincent as him and targeted him. After knowing all this, Vincent did not clarify his identity but lived as Samuel. He wanted to protect Samuel.


So when Vincent died miserably, Samuel was in pain. He didn't know all this until Vincent died. However, Riley knew that, which meant Vincent told Riley his plan.


In addition to what Nicole went through five years ago, Samuel wanted to know what role Riley played in Vincent's death.


The cigarette was a little choking.


Samuel coughed violently. His eyes were red, but he didn’t stop.


He even had a strange idea. If he coughed his heart out, would he be more comfortable and not so sad and heartbroken?


The cigarette soon went out. Although Samuel still couldn't calm down, he couldn't stay outside for too long. He was afraid that Nicole would wake up and worry about him.


After cleaning himself up, Samuel drove back to the hospital.


Nicole was still asleep.


Samuel was afraid that the smell of his smoke would irritate Nicole. He immediately changed his clothes and went to the bathroom.


He couldn't touch water because of his wound. He could only wipe it with a towel.


Nicole gently opened her eyes and looked at Samuel's movements. Her eyes moved, but she closed them again as if she didn't know anything.


Actually, the moment Samuel left the ward, she woke up.


The fire five years ago left her feeling insecure. She couldn't sleep with no one around. Lucas had been with her for the first few years. He even held her hand

tightly with his weak little hand to give her a little warmth and comfort.


Although she had gradually been able to sleep alone in the past two years, she always liked to set the temperature in the room to the lowest.


Although it was a little cold, it could keep her awake anytime and anywhere. She was able to wake up quickly at the moment of danger.


But Samuel obviously didn't know that. He set the temperature of the air conditioner to be suitable for sleeping, but for Nicole, the temperature made her feel a little hot. She even dreamed about the fire burning.


It was OK when Samuel was still there. She would feel the familiar smell and fall asleep. But once he left, the whole room would suddenly turn into a stove, which made her wake up suddenly and never sleep again.


Nicole knew how long Samuel had been away. She had been timing since he left, and now he was back. Although he didn’t say anything or do anything, Nicole's heart suddenly calmed down. Then she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.


When Samuel came out from the bath, he smelled his body and found that there was no smoke smell. Then he put on his medical uniform and came to Nicole's side.


She slept soundly and was not abnormal. Samuel was relieved. He gently lifted the quilt and went to bed. He was in the same bed with Nicole and he hugged Nicole from behind.


Nicole was stunned and didn't say anything. She sensed in his arms that he was in a bad mood.


Where was he just now?


What did he do?


Who did he meet?


Why was he suddenly in a bad mood?

Nicole was confused by a series of questions, but she didn’t ask anything and fell asleep.


But this time she had a good sleep and had a good dream.


When the morning sunlight refracted in through the French windows, it shone on the bed and made them seem to be covered with a layer of gold. It was soft and quiet.


Samuel woke up first.


It had been a long time since he woke up next to Nicole, and now it was like a dream.


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