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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 132

“Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush, why are you here?”


Jacob was really surprised.


This place is very secretive and he also blocked the news of Samuel's hospitalization. He was afraid that others would cause 

panic, but he did not expect that Nicole's father and mother would actually find here.


Mrs. Bush only smiled when she saw Jacob.


“Special Assistant? Great, I heard that Samuel was injured, right? I and Mr. Bush came over to see him specially.”


Although Mrs. Bush said so, her eyes were always a little worried and she obviously wanted to see Samuel.


Jacob knew that their identities were special and said with a smile, “Mr. Green has something to go out. In fact, his injuries are not serious. You bothered.”


“Well, he’s not here.”


Mrs. Bush was obviously very disappointed, her eyes seemed to suddenly lose their color.


Seeing them like this, Jacob couldn't help but say, “Mr. Green is not here, but Miss Bush is here.”


“Miss Bush?"Mr. Bush couldn't help asking, his eyes a little hot.


Jacob reacted and said with a smile, “It’s Miss Catherine. She is drawing a design in the room.”


When she heard that it was Catherine, Mrs. Bush's eyes returned to color again.


“Can we go in and see her?”




Jacob actually didn’t want anyone to approach Nicole and he also knew that Nicole was drawing the design, but the old 

couple in front of him were not other people, they were Nicole's biological parents, so he couldn't turn them away.


“Well, I'll go in and talk to Miss Catherine, please wait a moment.”


Jacob smiled faintly, turned and walked towards the ward.


Jason felt that he was fooled by Jacob.


“Didn't you say that Catherine is busy and not seeing guests? How can they do?”


Jacob said neither humble nor overbearing, “Their identities are different, Mr. Don.”


“What are they?”


“They are President Green's parents-in-law. Does Mr. Don still have questions?”


Jacob smiled faintly, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.


Jason was somewhat surprised.


They are actually Nicole’s parents?


Jason heard something about Samuel's former wife. Now seeing his parents-in-law, he suddenly became interested in Samuel's former wife.


Will such a pair of elegant old people cultivate a daughter who runs away with others?


When Jason was observing Mr. Bush and the others, Mr. Bush was also observing Jason.


He knew Jason. After all, the Don family had a great reputation and Jason's great achievements are often reported, but he didn't expect to meet Jason here.


“Mr. Don.”


Mr. Bush gave a faint forehead, neither humble nor overbearing.


Jason nodded at them, showing respect.


Jacob had already come out of the room and he was somewhat surprised to see that Jason had not left yet.


“Is there anything else Mr. Don?”


“Help me tell Catherine that I have important things to tell her. If she has time, please contact me. This is my phone number.”


Jason was not a stalker.


Samuel's father-in-law and mother-in-law have come to see Catherine, which shows that Samuel is really interested in Catherine, so he is really not suitable to stay on this occasion.


Jacob politely accepted the business card and then sent Jason away.


Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush looked at Jacob anxiously.


Jacob smiled and said, “You come in with me”


Mrs. Bush was a little excited when she heard Jacob say this.


Two people followed Jacob into the ward. Nicole was packing up her drawings. Seeing them coming in, she was very happy and said, “Uncle and aunt, are you here? Please sit down. I was drawing just now and I didn't hear you coming. Sorry.”


“It's okay. What are you painting?”


Mrs. Bush looked at Nicole’s eyes with more warmth.


Nicole didn't notice it and said with a smile, “It’s nothing, it's just some work. I am studying car design. When I have some inspiration, I will plan to draw. But when I paint, I always feel that something is missing, maybe Shortcoming inspiration.”


She touched the back of her head awkwardly.


In front of her parents, she unconsciously revealed her child's nature.


Seeing Nicole's familiar childhood actions, Mr. Bush’s eyes suddenly became a little wet.


“Take it over to me, maybe I can give you some enlightenment, of course. If you mind, then forget it.”


Mr. Bush seldom took the initiative to say anything, but Nicole knew that Mr. Bush did art research when he was young.


“No, no, I would like you to give me some guidance.”


Nicole quickly took the drawing paper and handed it to Mr. Bush and then sat aside nicely, like a good baby.


Jacob felt that Nicole had completely become another person in front of Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush. He retired without saying 

anything, leaving this space to their family.


Mr. Bush looked at Nicole's work and said with some admiration, “You painted this all?”



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