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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 134

This is too heavy to say.


If it was before, no matter who the other party was, Samuel would believe what Zama said. He felt that Zama was an old man 

in the Green family and could not care about a child, but who is this child now?


That is his biological son!


Although Zama said she was his wet nurse, she was a servant of the Green family after all and lived on the wages given by 

the Green family. Now that a servant was actually bullying the master, Samuel's anger did not calm down at all, but it burned even more fierce.


He stood up and hugged Lucas directly in his arms, only to realize that Macon and Joseph, who were supposed to protect 

Lucas at home, were gone.


“Where are Macon and Joseph?”


Samuel looked at Zama coldly, showing no friendship at all.


Zama said with tears and nose, “Young Master has a fever, I told Macon to take Young Master to the hospital for a look. He is too delicate to be delayed in seeing a doctor.”


“Joseph delicate, Lucas can be bullied by you at will, right? Zama, although you are my wet nurse, I have been polite to you 

over the years, but have you forgotten that you are just a servant of the Green family? Lucas is my son! My biological son of Samuel! I've already told you about this in front of the whole Seapolis City people. How can your servant treat the master of the Green family like this? You have forgotten who you are for so many years, have you?”


Samuel said these words mercilessly, like a sharp knife that pierced Zama chest deeply.


She looked at Samuel in surprise, as if she didn't believe that Samuel would say such things and she felt very wronged.


“Sir, you said that I am a servant, but for more than 20 years, I have regarded the Green family as my own home. Everything I do is for the sake of you, for this family!”


“Really? You talk nonsense to my mother without my permission and say it good for me? Knowing that I love Catherine and knowing that I say that Lucas is my son, you can still treat him as a wild boy. He is only a four-year-old child! You are over fifty. How can you still be so unreasonable? And this vase, you said that Lucas broke it, I want to ask, what do you have evidence? Don't say you don't call up any surveillance to investigate the truth of the matter, even if it was really broken by Lucas, so what? I plan to leave the whole Green family to him and you have no right to teach him a lesson. Do you really think you are the hostess of the Green family? Do I give you the position of president of Eternal Group?”


This is getting colder and colder.


Zama couldn't handle it.


She thought that Samuel would be angry and that Samuel would be unhappy, but she never expected Samuel to speak so mercilessly.


There are still many servants in the house. She didn't let the servants leave the living room in order to humiliate Lucas. She didn't expect that the scene that she taught by


Samuel would be seen by all the servants.


Zama only felt hot on her face. These words were more embarrassed for her to accept than Samuel slapped her in public.


“Sir, how can you say that to me? I just...”


“Just what? I asked you to leave the old house of the Green family, let Jacob arrange you to live in a villa in the suburbs and let people serve you and even treat you as a grown-up. For you, this is already the biggest A gift. Do I agree with your return now? Who gave you the right to enter and leave the Green family’s old house freely?”


Samuel was aggressive.


Zama felt humiliated.


“The old lady asked me to come back, she said...”


“This is my house, not my mother! You like to listen to my mother so much, why don't you go abroad and serve my mother?”

Samuel interrupted her suddenly.


Zama opened her eyes wide and looked straight at Samuel. From his eyes, she could see Samuel's disgust and anger.


He actually hated her!


Zama suddenly felt sad and tears couldn't help but flow more fiercely.


“Sir, I Have raised you for more than 20 years. Do you treat me like this? For a woman and a wild child...”


“Enough! I'll say it again, Lucas is the biological son of Nicole and me! He is the descendant of the Green family who survived 

the fire five years ago. With your status, it is not enough for me to show you a paternity test. But you can listen to me clearly, Lucas Bush is my Samuel seed! I am not afraid of anyone to investigate this matter. He is the upright young master of the Green family! Who dares to bully my son in the future, don’t Blame me Samuel for being merciless!”


After Samuel finished speaking, he directly carried Lucas Bush upstairs.


Zama was completely blinded.


What did Samuel just say?


Lucas is actually the son of sir and his wife?


How can that be possible?


Didn't the wife have died in the fire five years ago?


But Lucas’s surname is Bush, Nicole is also surnamed Bush and Catherine is also surnamed Bush. Is this all coincidence?



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