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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 136

Samuel really didn't want to let Lucas go. He wanted to hold him like this and it wouldn't be annoying to hold him like this for a  lifetime.


His body is soft and fragrant, making people love it.


Lucas could detect Samuel's affection for him, as if he had become more and more indulgent in him since he knew he was his son. And he didn't reject the feeling that he didn't hate it and he even wanted to be pampered.


He smiled and said, “Oh, go quickly, that woman doesn't know what's going on, she shed so much blood.”


Being reminded by Lucas, Samuel's good mood was immediately destroyed.


“I will leave when Macon comes back. I worry about you being at home alone.”


What Samuel said was the truth.


Now Petty still doesn't know where, Macon will not come, he is not at ease with everyone around him, it is absolutely impossible to leave Lucas at home alone.


Fortunately, as soon as this sentence was finished, Macon had already brought Joseph in.


“Boss, I'm back.”


Joseph ran towards Lucas, only to find that Samuel was also there and quickly said with a smile, “Daddy, are you back? 


Instructor Joe said that you have been very busy recently and I haven't seen you for several days.”


Regarding the kidnapping of Lucas, nobody told Joseph. Joseph had been extremely exhausted by Macon’s training these days. Without Lucas, he was boring.


Every day, besides sleeping, he still slept.


Now that Lucas by his side, Samuel is also back, Joseph is somewhat excited.


Samuel looked at Joseph and said with a smile, “Daddy will be out in a while, let Lucas stay with you.”




Joseph hugged Lucas happily and said, “Boss, I told you that hospital is pitted. I just feel sick in my stomach. The doctor has to ask me to have a blood test. The blood on the bed hurts! I almost cried at the time!”




Zoe Bush's shadow immediately appeared in Lucas's mind.


Since childhood, Zoe didn’t know how much blood was drawn. He was afraid that the blood on Zoe's body was not enough, so he worked hard to make himself stronger. If Zoe needed blood bank, he would give her his blood.


Now Joseph screamed because of a blood draw, which really made Lucas Bush look down upon.


Joseph knew that he was despised by Lucas Bush, but he said indifferently, “I'm just so good, but I didn’t cry! Would you like to reward me?”


“I reward you with a kick?”


Lucas thought how could there be such a shameless person as Joseph in this world?


But he is still his brother!


Samuel saw them teasing each other and then said to Macon on the side, “No matter what happens in the future, don't leave 

Lucas alone at home.”


Macon was taken aback for a moment, as if he knew what might have happened when he left and asked worriedly, “Is Lucas okay?”


“It's okay, but you should pay more attention to Zama in the future.”


With a hint of helplessness in Samuel's tone, he confessed to Macon again before going to the hospital.


Zama was not sent to the Military Region Hospital, but was directly sent to the Central Hospital. This is what Samuel meant 

and deliberately staggered her and


Nicole, so that Zama would not have another trouble.


When Samuel arrived, the doctor had already begun to rescue.


His phone rang at this time.


Samuel picked it up without seeing it.


“I'm Samuel Green, please tell me if you have something.”


He is in a bad mood, so his tone is not very kind.


After the other party listened, she said coldly, “You have hard wings now and you are so impatient with me, aren't you?”


Samuel was taken aback for a moment and then quickly glanced at the caller ID of the phone, and it was actually Mrs. Green 



His intuition told him there was not a good thing and he quickly whispered, “Mom, are you? I didn't look at the IDD just now.”


“I'm afraid you won't answer my call if you look at it?”


Mrs. Green's tone was a bit sharp, making Samuel a little bit wondering how to continue.


The atmosphere was a bit stiff for a while.


Finally, Mrs. Green took the lead in speaking. ,


“I heard that you are going to drive Zama out of Seapolis City? Did you kill Zama at home because of this? Samuel, what do 

you want to do?”


Mrs. Green gradually couldn't suppress her anger and her voice became a little louder.


Samuel frowned slightly.


Zama just entered the operating room and foreign mothers knew about it. Obviously it was the scout of the Green family of 

Mrs. Green!


Or is it the call from Zama to Mrs. Green?


But isn't she dizzy?


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