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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 140

Nicole didn’t react much to Zama scream, but coldly said, “Do you want to see Samuel? Do you think you can see him now without my permission?”


Zama was stimulated by Nicole's words.


“Don't think that if you confuse your husband now, you will be able to control your husband forever. The husband said you are his wife, who escaped from the fire five years ago. You can fool Samuel, but you can't fool me! Let's not talk about look alike, just say your personality, you can't be on the same level as Nicole! Nicole is infatuated with Samuel and would rather hurt herself than Samuel. But you come here After that, what did you do to our Samuel? Samuel said that your wild son is the

descendant of the Green Family, shit! You want me to recognize the identity of Lucas, go in the next life! You do not deserve it!”


Zama was so angry that she didn't care about any identity and politeness at all and even when Samuel wanted to drive her out of the Seapolis City for Lucas and Nicole, she wanted to let Nicole die.


Nicole listened to Zama scream and couldn't help but sneered and said, “We do not deserve, it seems it’s not a servant of the Green family turn to admit it. Zama, you really don't know who you are. Do you think you are Samuel's who?”


“I'm his...”


Zama’'s words stopped abruptly.


“What's his? wet nurse? Zama, let me tell you. Samuel should call you a wet nurse in a nice way. To put it bluntly, you are just a servant who works with the Green family's salary. Regardless of what's the identity of Lucas? As long as Samuel admits his identity, he is the master of the Green family! You better not let me know what you do to Lucas, otherwise you don't blame me for being rude to you!”


Nicole hung up the phone directly after speaking.


Zama shivered with anger, and dropped the phone directly. Her eyes were scarlet as blood and she said viciously, “Catherine, as long as I'm here, you don't want to enter the door of the Green family!”


Catherine didn't know what Zama thought at this time.


She returned to the ward, Samuel was still asleep.


Only then did Nicole discover that Samuel’s eyes had a black-green. Thinking about it carefully, what Zama said was actually correct. After returning this time, Samuel was injured many times, as if it was for her every time.


The heart that vowed to come back for revenge at the beginning, also disappeared little by little under Samuel's care.


She even felt sorry for Samuel.


Nicole sat beside him and touched his face lightly. Five years’ time is enough to make Samuel more masculine, even more charming.


She fantasized about the reunion of a family of four, but heard footsteps outside the door.


Nicole quickly closed her hand, got up and walked out.


The person here was Jacob, who was taken aback when he saw Nicole.


“Madam, where is President Green?”


“He is resting, what's the matter?”


Nicole stood at the door, apparently not planning to let Jacob in.


Jacob was stunned, but thinking of Nicole’s meaning and identity to Samuel, he couldn't help but lower his voice and said, “There is news from the police station, Miss Riley is crazy.”




Nicole was a little surprised.


When Riley was caught in the beauty shop, the woman was arrogant. What did she experience in the police station? Is she going crazy?


“Have she hired anything”


Jacob shook his head.


Nicole sneered and said, “Is she really crazy?”


“It is said to be, so I'm here to ask Mr. Green’s means.”


Jacob didn't dare to deal with Riley casually, after all, she was Joseph's biological mother.


Nicole looked at Samuel who was still asleep and knew that the doctor might have added a sleeping ingredient to the medicine, so she whispered to Jacob, “I'll go with you. Don't toss Samuel here. Not long after sleeping, his body is still empty.”


Seeing concern and worry flashing in Nicole’s eyes, Jacob felt comforted in his heart, then nodded and ordered the bodyguards and Nicole and Nicole walked out of the hospital.


The sun is just right and it is warm on people.


Nicole followed Jacob to the detention center and heard the familiar screams inside before entering.


She frowned slightly, Jacob hurriedly guarded her, but was stopped. She wanted to see whether Riley was really crazy or fake.


Nicole walked inside.


After the director learned the identity of Nicole, he hurried out to greet her.


Nicole came to the door of Riley's room, looking at the woman with disheveled hair, she suddenly couldn't recognize each other.


Is this still Riley who has always been aloof?


“Shut up! Stop arguing!”


The guard gave a low cry and knocked on the door with his baton.


Riley shivered and saw Nicole.


Nicole stood in the dark, but could not conceal the noble aura on her body, especially now that Jacob protects her and the director next to her is respectful, she suddenly felt that unbalance.


Why is everything that should belong to her now replaced by Nicole?


Riley suddenly picked up the chair next to her and threw it toward Nicole.


“TIL kill you, bitch!”


Jacob hurried forward, but Nicole did not back away. There was a door in front of Riley. Even if she broke the door, there were other guards.


Nicole just looked at her coldly and said with a sneer, “Miss Riley, are you crazy now? Or are you sober?”


When Nicole said so, Riley was shocked and then began to pretend to be crazy.


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