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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 141



The servant was a little flustered and squatted down to clean up.


Nicole also squatted down and said with a smile, “Let me help you.”


“No, lady, you are the guest and I can do it myself.”


The servant was a little flustered.


Both Jason and Mrs. Don felt very embarrassed.


Mrs. Don said, “I'm sorry, Miss Bush, this is our housekeeper, who is a little old and happened to be tidying up the study room. 

She didn't see you coming. Just leave it alone and let her clean up by herself.”


“It's okay, I was wrong too, I didn't avoid it.”


Nicole smiled and let go of the Mrs. Don's hand and then squatted down to help the housekeeper pick up the books, but subconsciously took advantage of no one’s attention and stuffed the photo that had committed pornography into her sleeve. 


Then she stood up casually.


Seeing that Nicole was so approachable, Mrs. Don couldn't help but feel a little more fond of her.


The most annoying thing for the children of soldiers is the kind of arrogant and domineering woman who is being pampered. 


At first, Mrs. Don thought that Nicole would be like Riley, but she didn’t expect her to be so approachable, she didn’t have any arrogant gesture and Mrs. Don's favor suddenly rose.


“Come on and have some tea.”


Mrs. Don happily brought Nicole into the living room again.


When Jason saw that Mrs. Don liked Nicole so much, he couldn't help but feel better. Although he didn't know why he was 

inexplicably happy.


“I asked the servant to prepare something to eat. I wonder whether Miss Bush has it?”


“Thank you for your trouble, I came to see Zac, because I heard that he is here and I need to verify with him about some 



Nicole said her intention in time.


Jason and Mrs. Don were so enthusiastic that she couldn't bear it.


When Mrs. Don heard this, she paused slightly and said, “Are you trying to ask me about framing you?”


“No, forget the past, Mrs. Don, I heard that you are also trying to find the descendants of the Don Family. Although I do not 

agree with your approach, I can understand it. And this matter is Mr. Don and Samuel has been resolved, so I won't repeat the old thing. I have other things to ask Zac. I wonder if Mrs. Don can make it easier?”

Nicole said this very well and Mrs. Don liked her even more.


“Okay, I will let Jason take you there.”


“Thank you, Mrs. Don.”


Nicole leaned slightly and walked towards the backyard with Jason.


The backyard of the Don Family is different from the courtyard of the Green Family. There is no rockery, no flowers or plants. 

Instead, it is an exquisite small courtyard, like the old schoolhouse.


Nicole couldn't help but glanced twice, feeling that this small courtyard was elegant and clean, especially the plaque on the 

courtyard. The writing was like a master’s style.


There was a sense of rigidity and strength in the elegance, which made her look more. .


Seeing that she was interested in this small courtyard, Jason said with a smile, “This is the small courtyard autographed by my elder brother. It used to be his studio.”


“Studio? Isn't General Don a general?”


Nicole has heard of the Don Family. Everyone in the Don Family is a hero and a martyr of the country. All the Seapolis City people know their deeds, especially Xander, the eldest son of the Don Family. A generation of military commanders. She really couldn't imagine that such a famous general would be a man who can paint.


Jason smiled and said, “My eldest brother studied at the Art Academy before he joined the army. He was naturally interested 

in painting. However, our Don family has a group training. When a man reaches a certain age, he must go to the army to experience himself, so my elder brother joined the army that year, but he did not expect that he was promoted in the military region and finally died for the country. My mother missed his previous days and let people clean my elder brother's studio every day, which has not changed for so many years.”


Nicole was also a painter, but she only learned to paint because of design. Now that she heard that Xander could paint, she couldn't help but want to see it.


Seeing Nicole's thoughts, Jason took the initiative to say, “Zac has always been in the dungeon. If Miss Bush is interested, I will take you to my elder brother's studio.”


“Can you? Will it be too impolite?’


Nicole was a little surprised.


“It’s okay, I heard that Mrs. Bush is a designer and you must have studied painting. My elder brother is worthless in the eyes 

of me. If I can meet Mrs. Bush who knows painting like this, I think my brother will be happy too.”


Hearing what Jason said, Nicole couldn't help but feel a little tempted.


“Let's go.”


Jason half-forced Nicole into the courtyard.


The freshness and elegance of the courtyard surprised Nicole somewhat.



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