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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 142

Nicole followed Jason while thinking about the matter and arrived at the door of the dungeon unknowingly, but she tripped over a step because she didn't look at the way and she fell over in the direction of Jason.


Everything was caught off guard. It was too late when Jacob wanted to support her. Nicole fell on Jason's body and sat down on Jason's lap.


The soft feeling made Jason stunned for an instant, he even subconsciously held onto Nicole's waist.


Her waist is so soft and thin, like a water snake. Jason couldn't help but feel restless.


Nicole felt a pair of powerful hands on her waist, with hot temperature, as if burning her skin, making her subconsciously want to get up, but it was a little sudden so that she raised her head and touched Jason's chin.


She didn’t know when Jason had lowered his head, as if to see how she was doing, but only Jason knew in his heart that he had unexpected thoughts about the woman in front of him just now.


If it weren't for Nicole's sudden raising of her head, he didn’t know whether he would kiss Nicole.


When he thought of his thoughts and actions just now, Jason's psychology suddenly became a little bit shy. Now, to Nicole's clear and flustered eyes, Jason feels even more like a wretched villain.


“Are you okay?”


Jason spoke quickly, but his voice was a little hoarse and his eyes were a little dull.


Nicole is no longer a little girl. Naturally, she can understand the meaning of Jason’s eyes now. She quickly stood up and said embarrassingly, “I'm sorry. I was thinking about something just now, I’m sorry.”


“It's OK."


Suddenly losing weight and warmth on his legs, Jason only felt a little lost in his heart, as if something was showing from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to catch, but in the end, reason defeated emotion and silently withdrew his hand.


“It doesn't matter, there are more steps here, so be careful.”


Jason said lightly, but his eyes didn't dare to look at Nicole anymore, his current eyes couldn't deceive Nicole.


Jacob looked aside clearly and frowned and quickly came between Nicole and Jason and said softly to Nicole, “Miss Bush, let me help you. It’s not easy to go here.”


Outside, Jacob still called Nicole as Miss Bush, after all, her identity could not be disclosed now.


Nicole nodded, feeling quite embarrassed.


This accident made Jason and Nicole not know what to say for a while, so they could only walk inside in silence.


The lights in the dungeon are sensory. With the advent of people, it lights up continuously.


Nicole focused her attention on the dungeon, feeling that the Don Family resembled the former military family and the 

dungeon even came with a faint smell of blood.


Jason seemed to have thought of something and whispered, “It's bloody here, so Miss Bush should wait here, I'll let Zac be brought out.”


Nicole couldn't bear the smell inside and asked in a low voice, “Is this appropriate? In case he runs away...”


“He can't run.”


Jason was very confident when he said that, Nicole could only nod her head, no way, her stomach was rolling and she couldn't get in.


Jacob found a chair for Nicole to sit down.


This should be a temporary resting place, there is still hot tea on the table, the temperature is just right.


Jacob saw Nicole looked at the teapot and asked quickly, “Miss Bush, are you thirsty?”


“No, I just feel weird. This kettle is warm.”


Nicole whispered her doubts.


Jacob said, “To know the whereabouts of their children and grandchildren, the Don Family interrogates Zac all the time. It is estimated that Mr. Don has stayed here.”


Nicole was slightly taken aback.


“Zac knows the whereabouts of the Don Family's descendants?”


“It is said that there was another orphan who was sent to the orphanage with Zac. Zac has been taking care of her for so many years. Zac said that he is a descendant of the Don Family. If he doesn't know the truth, who will believe it? the Don Family has few family members and there is only one person who can be retrieved. Mrs. Don is also looking forward to her grandchildren.”


Hearing what Jacob said, Nicole thought of her daughter Zoe.


She is a mother and naturally knows the pain of missing her child. Mrs. Don's three sons were killed in battle. Now there is only one Jason left and Jason's legs can no longer walk.


For a while, Nicole had solemn respect for the Don Family.


No matter what Mrs. Don said or did, the men of the Don Family are indeed worthy of respect.


Nicole did not speak anymore and waited quietly. It didn’t take long for Zac to be taken out and Nicole finally knew why Jason said he couldn't run.


Zac's bloody legs were dragged out. His legs may have been unable to walk. Such Zac, unless someone came to rescue him, otherwise he would not be able to run out alone.


Zac was somewhat surprised when he saw Nicole, but he quickly lowered his head. He knew very well that Nicole came to ask him what.


“Miss Bush has something to ask you, you'd better answer honestly, otherwise I think you know what the Don Family's methods are.”


Jason said coldly, giving people a sense of oppression invisibly.


Zac frowned slightly, shivering as he could not be cured. He was still a psychological shadow, but he did not speak.



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