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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 149

Nicole was so smiled by Jason, she felt ashamed.


How can there be such a son in the world!


“Mr. Don, please don't mind, Lucas is spoiled by me.”


“It’s okay, I like him quite a lot. If I have time, I will often play with him. Wouldn't Miss Bush mind?”


Jason asked with a smile.


What should Nicole say to mind?


Does it mean that she mind that Jason will not continue to dissolve Lucas? Besides, Jason helped her so much.


Nicole naturally couldn't refuse and nodded in embarrassment.


“Okay, just leave it to me here. At the moment, your task is to go back and find out who poisoned Joseph in the old house of 

the Green Family. If you need my help from the police station, just tell me, don't be polite to me.”


Nicole could only smile slightly when Jason said.


She really didn't want to be polite, but can she be impolite now that Lucas is so troubled?


Nicole smiled awkwardly and had to walk out quickly with Jacob.


Jacob said angrily, “Madam, don't listen to Mr. Don. Compared with Mr. Green, Mr. Don is not qualified at all.”


Nicole paused, thinking of Samuel, her heart hurt again.


“Really? At least Mr. Don is chasing me, but your Mr. Green is avoiding me.”


This sentence directly blocked Jacob there.


He scratched his head depressed and quickly took out the phone and called Samuel.


“Mr. Green, if you don't come out again, your wife will be snatched away by Mr. Don. Lucas has also said that she is optimistic about Mr. Don chasing Miss Bush and Lucas still calls Mr. Don Jason.”


Samuel's eyes suddenly became low.


“What's the matter with the Don Family?”


“Mr. Don used the Don Family's secret ward to treat Joseph. The doctor said Joseph needed to exchange blood, but now the blood bank has insufficient blood and Joseph's body does not allow it. It can only take care of him first.”


Listening to Jacob’s words, Samuel's face was particularly ugly.


“How is Lucas?”

“Lucas is fine, maybe before he can do it, Lucas stayed with Joseph.”


Samuel's brows frowned, he should have come forward when something like this happened, but he was really not mentally prepared to face Nicole here.


“Using all the strength of the Green Family to protect them, be sure to find out who hurt them.”




After Jacob hung up the phone, he realized that Nicole had been in the car and looked at him from the window.


“Done the call? When will he be back?”


Jacob said tangledly, “Mr. Green said he wants to heal his injuries.”


“Keep it.”


Nicole was somewhat angry.


This man is really getting more and more hypocritical.


She didn't believe that Samuel really sat down.


But in order to be awkward with her, can such a big event be able to heal well?


Nicole directly rolled the window and said coldly, “Go home.”


Jacob thought he was just a sandwich biscuit, but what can he say now? He can only get in the car quickly, start the car and return to the Green Family's house.


The Green Family's people did not change.


Seeing Nicole's return, Luna whispered, “Miss Bush, Zama called after you left and she was looking for Fern, the kitchen helper.”


Nicole frowned slightly.


“Who hired Fern in? When did she come in?”


“Three years ago, Zama recruited.”




Nicole chewed on the name, feeling a little confused.


Zama is very good to Samuel, so good that she can exchange everything she owns and Joseph is Samuel's heart, will she really do something to Joseph?


She's still more likely to hurt Lucas, but the doctor said that the toxins in Joseph’s body have been at least two years old, could it be someone else?


But why is it so coincidental?


Will Zama call at this time?


“What did she say? Did you hear?”


Luna shook her head and said, “I dare not take the exam too close and just heard her call out Zama. I don’t know the others.”


Nicole felt that this matter was filled with mist.


“Let's cook first, stay on hold, remember to watch Fern 's actions closely.”


“Okay, Miss Bush.”


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