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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 152

Everyone was stunned, and Nicole was even more stunned.


She didn't mean it! She didn't!


She wanted to bend down to pull Samuel up, but Lucas laughed loudly, letting her lose face.


"Bro, you are so embarrassed!"


Lucas's words made Samuel's face even more embarrassed.


"It looks good, no?"


Samuel asked gloomily, and Lucas quickly hid behind Nicole and stuck his tongue out to Samuel and said, "Who let you bully my mommy. You deserve it! You should be kicked onto the ground and learn from this."


"Lucas, are you crazy?"


Samuel stood up directly with anger.


Jacob Brown quickly turned around to buy shoes for Nicole.


He didn't see anything!


He didn't!


Jason looked at them with a smile, suddenly a little envious.


Nicole had always been polite in front of him, even with a trace of estrangement, but just now to Samuel, she acted with a cuddly gesture, was that coquetry?


Jason's smile deeply stimulated Samuel.


He had never been so embarrassed in front of anyone.


"Master Don, it looks good?"


Samuel smiled faintly, without any temperature in his eyes.


Jason didn't care, and said with a smile, "It's pretty exciting."


"Now that you have enjoyed it, get out.”


Samuel vomited to death.


My life is totally in the control of Nicole's hands, right?


Nicole didn't dare to say a word, she had never thought of embarrassing Samuel in front of everyone.


Seeing that Samuel was full of hostility and that there really seems to be something to say between Nicole and Samuel, Jason couldn't bear to see Nicole sad, although he didn't want to make room for them.


"Boy, come on, I'll take you out to have fun. I heard that you are very interested in drones. How about we talking about this?"


Jason caught Lucas's weakness as soon as he acted.


“Do you know how to fly the drone?”


“I even have flown a real plane, not to mention the drone. I just retired from the army, and I lost my legs in the war, see? Go or not?”


“Let's go!”


Lucas hurried out from behind Nicole, but after two steps, he seemed to have thought of something again. He turned his head and said to Samuel, “If you dare to bully my mommy, I will definitely not spare you!"


“Get out!”


Samuel felt that this stinky guy was definitely not his own.


Lucas snorted at him, and then said to Nicole, “Mommy, if he bullies you, you can follow Mr. Don. Although he doesn't have two legs, which is not convenient for him, such a man will not bully you, right?”




Samuel really wanted to grab the stinky guy by the collar and throw him out.


Without any fear to him, Lucas said coldly, “What are you yelling at? Is your voice loud? Attention, this is hospital, and Joseph is still in the operating room. If you have anything, you can tell my mommy, if Mommy forgives you before Joseph came out, I will forgive you, too. If Mommy doesn't forgive you, then I will follow Mommy. I won't stay at the Green Family and listen to you yelling.”


Samuel's heart suddenly suffocated.


"Go? Where are you going? The Green Family is your home! You must be honest with me! Get out!"


Samuel was annoying.


Lucas turned around and walked out with Jason.


When only Samuel and Nicole were left in the corridor, Nicole suddenly became nervous and insecure.


She didn't know how to face Samuel, and she didn't know whether his awkward character had been changed or not.


If it was before, she would beg Samuel's forgiveness if she acted shamelessly, but she did hide her selfishness when she came back this time, and now she couldn't do anything like that.


Samuel was also watching Nicole.


It seemed that all the sadness and pain couldn't compare with the glance of Nicole's red eyes.


He really felt he was trapped in that.


Samuel sat down Nicole, and the familiar breath instantly hit his face.


Nicole wanted to move her buttocks, but she found that Samuel was sitting on the hem of her clothes, for which she couldn't move.


Samuel looked at her awkward appearance, and said coldly: "After a Tim, there is another Jason, how you like that? Do you think he is better than me?"




All the awkwardness of Nicole was gone at this moment, and a burst of grievance and anger suddenly broke out.


"Why do you comment on me like this? You made me get out of here! You transferred to another hospital by yourself and blocked my mobile phone number and decided not to see me. Now that something happened to the Green Family, I have to make it on my shoulder for you, Master Don just come and help, are you talking nonsense?"


"Turned to his side so soon? Isn't anyone in your heart better than me, the decent husband?”


Samuel told himself to talk to Nicole in a gentle way.


The pain he had endured these days was no less than a magnitude three earthquake, but now that he heard Nicole standing at Jason's side, his jealousy grew like weeds.


Looking at Samuel's awkward appearance, Nicole burst out laughing.


"Yes, everyone is better than you, Samuel. Tim will at least make me happy, will you? Jason can help me with things, can you? When I need you, you hide yourself like a tortoise, with excuse of recuperation. Now that Mr. Green has to heal the wounds, why do you come out now? Is your wound healed?"


What Nicole said was simply like a soft knife, which was not sharp, but enough to poke Samuel in the fatal place.


"Nicole, dare you say it again!”


"It's the same even if I say it a hundred times! You are a coward! Just because you are in love with me, you are afraid that I don't like you, and that I make use of you and deceive you? Yes, I came back just to make use of you and deceive you. Besides, I also want your kidney!"


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