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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 160

Joseph kept running and didn't dare stop at all.

Lucas’ words kept ringing in his mind. Lucas could only be saved once he ran out and found daddy.

There were footsteps behind him, and Joseph hurriedly hid behind a trash can.

He had never had such an experience before that he trembled all over.

Seeing Riley getting closer, Joseph was too frightened to make a sound.

The woman in front of him was no longer his mommy.

She was the devil!

Joseph saw what Riley did to Lucas with his own eyes and even saw Riley punching and kicking him.

Riley said that he was born so that she could gain a foothold in the Green Family and become the young lady of the Green Family. But because of his stupidity, everything was over.

His mommy hated him!

This was the emotion that Joseph felt immediately.

She was no longer the mommy who cared for him.

Joseph was very sad, but he couldn't tell the boss because the boss was more injured than him.

He couldn't let boss die!


Joseph curled up and hid behind the trash can, watching Riley run past him madly.

He dared not come out or make a sound.

It wasn't until Riley ran away that Joseph came out from behind the trash can and hurried towards the Green Family.

He couldn't tell the direction but remembered what Lucas had said.

He said to find a place to call daddy.

Joseph ran to the supermarket, crying and begging someone to lend him a phone to use.

Many parents with children couldn't help but feel sorry seeing Joseph that some even called the police right away.

The police rushed to the supermarket. The moment he saw Joseph, the chief felt as if his heart was in his mouth.

“Young master Joseph! Oh my god, how did you become like this?”

“I want to find my daddy, call my daddy! Save boss! Hurry up!”

Joseph firmly grasped the chief's cuff.

The chief couldn't help but quickly gave the phone to Joseph.

When Samuel received Joseph's call, he was anxious.

“Where are you?”

Joseph burst into tears when he heard Samuel's voice.

“Daddy, go and save boss. Boss has lost a lot of blood!”

Samuel couldn't bear it anymore.

The chief quickly reported the location.

Samuel brought Jacob and the others and quickly headed towards Joseph.

At the same time, Jason and Tim also received news.

However, when the group of people rushed to the small broken house, there was no sign of Lucas apart from the large pool of blood on the ground.

“Where is him? Where is him?”

Samuel almost lost it.

Over the past few days, he searched for Lucas and Nicole around the clock. Now that he finally got news of Lucas, why was he missing again?

The police quickly analyzed the blood on the ground, and the results showed that it belonged to Lucas.

Seeing Lucas’ blood everywhere, Samuel collapsed.

“Mr. Green!”

Jacob pales with fright.


Joseph cried. He was very worried because he didn't see boss.

It was his fault!

He ran too slowly. It was because of him that they couldn't save the boss on time!

Joseph cried and ran out of breath. The whole scene was a mess.

Jason was fairly calm.

“Keep on searching. Even if there's no news of Lucas, Riley must be found. This woman can't go anywhere else. Hurry up and find her!”

Tim didn't say anything. He only turned around and left.

He couldn't accept that something had happened to Lucas, but the bright red blood pierced his eyes and he couldn't help but remember when he was kidnapped as a child.

His mother went crazy because he was kidnapped.

Now that Lucas’ whereabouts were unknown and it was uncertain whether Nicole was alive or dead, he couldn't stay here. He had to find her!

Tim quickly took the Louis Family away.

Jason cleared the scene and left people behind to help the police investigate.

Samuel was brought to the hospital by Jacob. The doctor performed a comprehensive examination. It turned out the main reason Samuel went into shock was that he had too many mood swings, but it wasn't a big deal.

Joseph was taken back to the Green Family, but he seemed to be frightened and couldn't sleep well anymore at night.

The entire family was a mess because of Riley.

When Samuel woke up, all he had in his mind were Lucas’ bloodstains.

That much blood - was his son still alive?


If Nicole saw all this, would she be sad?

Samuel felt that he was completely incompetent.

Although he was known as the overlord of the Seapolis City, he couldn't do anything when his wife and son were harmed by a woman.

Jacob didn't know how to comfort Samuel, so he could only whisper. “Go see young master Joseph. Young master Joseph has been having nightmares.”


Only then did Samuel cheer up and go to Joseph's room.

Joseph's small body curled up in the corner of the bed. Just a glance was enough to make anyone feel sorry for him.

After Samuel turned on the light, he saw tears on Joseph's face.




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