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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 166

George looked at Allen, not realizing that he had taken such a big guy in.


“This way, Mr. Brook, please!”


Allen really didn't want to leave. He even wanted to take Nicole away right now, but he couldn't!


Regardless of whether he could take Nicole on his own right now, even if he could, there were times when he needed to keep a low profile, and Samuel was in the United States now.


Knowing that Samuel didn't have the heart or the energy to bid, he needed to be on his guard.


Allen gave Nicole one last look before turning away.


Nicole was aching all over, but now she didn't care.


She was in America!


And then there was Allen!


Allen seldom came to such a place. It must be the providence of God.


The pain mitigated a bit at the thought that she could get out here and found out where her son was and visited Zoe.


The man looked at Nicole, spat and said, "You're lucky to be liked by such a big shot. I'm telling you; you'd better pray that he does buy you tomorrow, or you'll see what I would do to you.”


Nicole was in too much pain to speak now.


She was stuffed into a cabin by traffickers, and after being transferred to several boats did she get here. She had no idea of 

where she was being sold because her eyes were covered when she got off the boat.


Nicole had no idea why Zama sold her out of the country, but sooner or later she had to settle the things with Zama.


Nicole was safe for the moment, and she didn't want to say anything to the man, so she just closed her eyes and began to have a rest.


The man thought she had fainted, said coldly, "She is really delicate. I hope tomorrow you can sell at a good price.”


The man was tired, and went back to rest. The other people were still here.


It was hell on earth.


Nicole had no idea there were such dirty places in the world without experiencing them herself.


She couldn't help thinking about Lucas.


Where was her Lucas now?


Could it have been sold?


At the thought of this possibility, she felt a pang of stomachache, and she did not know whether Samuel found Lucas and saved him from Riley.


She had so much thought in her mind. As long as she can leave here, no matter how much she had to pay, she would not hesitate.


Nicole was distraught but unable to do anything. She was now the meat of the stack.


Soon, she passed out.


The night passed quickly.


Allen jotted down the name of the clubhouse as he came out.


If he was going to come back tomorrow to buy Nicole, he couldn't use the company's money, or Rachel would notice it.


Allen went back to his personal account and took out all the money, got it ready in a box.


He couldn't sleep at all.


He had never expected that Nicole would show up in front of him in this way.


Samuel said Lucas was sick and Nicole was at home taking care of Lucas? What the hell was going on?


Allen spent the night asking for news about Nicole and finally learned that Nicole and Lucas were missing.


What a Samuel!


He came to America with everyone behind his back, just to pick up Zoe?



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