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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 172

The water in the teacup was very hot that when it splashed on the woman's hand, her skin blistered instantly but she didn't notice.


“What's the matter? How did he suddenly become seriously ill? Investigate for me! What's the matter?”


The woman smashed everything around to the ground like crazy. There were fragments everywhere, but no one dared step forward.


Soon after, the news that Samuel vomited blood a few times after learning that Nicole had been sold reached the woman.


“Damn woman! Even if I sold her, she can still do a lot of harm! Sir is such a good man, yet he became wasted for a woman like her!”


She threw out what was next to her again. Her gaze was so fierce and piercing as if it wanted to break Nicole into pieces.


At this time, everyone saw her anger.


She was no one else but Zama, someone Samuel couldn't find.


“What did the doctor say?”


Zama truly cared about Samuel. Hearing that Samuel vomited blood and was hospitalized because of this news, she was very angry yet did not forget to ask about Samuel's condition.


"The doctor said that Mr. Green's love was too deep that it hurt his heart and lungs. Maybe, maybe...” The servant replied 

while trembling.


"What could it be?”


Zama was suddenly worried and anxious.


The servant was sweating, but he didn't dare say anything.


“The hardest thing to cure in the world is love. Mr. Green might know that Miss Bush won't be alive for long, so he doesn't want to live either.”


Finally, a brave servant made a speculation, but was knocked to the ground by Zama.


“Nonsense! How can a man die for a woman?”


Zama panted, but she seemed to have thought of something that she fell onto the sofa while staring blankly into space.


She cried and laughed, and finally snarled. “Andrew Green, you were blindly passionate all your life, but you never expected that your son would also to be blindly passionate. Is this the curse of the Green Family? Or is it God's punishment for me? No! Impossible! Sir can't die! Samuel must not die for a woman! I don't allow it! I don't allow it!”


Zama started smashing things in the house like crazy.


The servants trembled, but none of them dared approach her, let alone dissuade and comfort her.


After Zama vented for a while, she calmed down.


At this moment, news came saying that Samuel had entered the operating room again.


Zama couldn't sit still anymore.


“Get a car! I'm going to the Green Family's house!”


When Zama made this decision, a person walked in from the outside. It was Swift.


“You can't go! What if this is a trap? How can someone fickle like Samuel be sad for a woman like this?”


“Go away!”


Zama insisted on going regardless of Swift's obstruction.


“Zama, think about it, maybe this is actually a trap.”


Swift was thrown onto the floor by Zama and was embarrassed, but she still hoped to stop Zama.


“Even if it is a trap, I will go! If anyone stops me today, I won't let them off very easily!” Zama resolutely replied.


Swift was frightened by the look in her eyes, and quickly let go of her hand.


Zama rushed to the hospital like crazy.


When Jacob saw Zama, his brows were slightly frowned, and he subconsciously stopped her.


“Zama, Mr. Green is being rescuing right now. Please go out!”


"Go away!”


Zama wanted to push Jacob away, but Jacob was not Swift and stood there like a stone statue so that Zama could not move.


“Jacob, don’t you know who I am? I’m sir’s nanny! It was I who fed him bit by bit, and I watched him grow up. Now you are 

asking me to get out? What right do you have to kick me out? Even if Mrs. Green was there, she wouldn't do this to me. Who do you think you are?”


Zama's current attitude was very arrogant.

Jacob frowned a bit more.


At this moment, the doctor opened the door of the operating room and spoke anxiously. “It’s not good. Mr. Green's heart and lungs were damaged. He's lost too much blood now. I'm afraid, I'm afraid...”




Before the doctor could finish, Zama pushed the doctor away and rushed in like crazy. She didn't see Jacob wave a hand at all. Everyone left and was quickly replaced by people from the Green Family.


She shouted Samuel's name with grief, rushed in recklessly, and threw herself onto the operating table.


Samuel's face was as pale as paper. He laid there quietly like a dead body without any life.



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