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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 176



Allen frowned subconsciously, with a hint of alert in his two eyes.


Did he find out something?


What a keen person Samuel was, so he naturally noticed Allen's rushing homicidal intent.


Homicidal intent?


Why would Allen treat him like this?


Samuel's mind flashed with a hint of doubt, but he smiled and said, “Mr. Brook's girlfriend is quite fierce. This action to declare 

sovereignty is a bit obvious.”


He left with smile after talking.


At first, Allen didn't quite understand. With two eyes staring after Samuel, he tried his best to remember whether he had leaked any flaws, but when he turned his head back, he saw the swelling and blood on the corners of his lips.


So it was!


Allen frowned slightly and wiped his lips subconsciously.


He didn't dare to leave, but he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, seeing Samuel walking out of the house.


After getting into the car, Samuel quickly called Jacob.


“How is the investigation of my wife?”


“It's still going on, but there aren't any clues at all. Many people here have gone to the United States to buy women back, but 

they don't seem to be Mrs. Green. I'm still continuing to investigate.”


Jacob was a little distressed.


This method of finding a needle in a haystack is indeed a little exhausting, but thinking of Samuel's body and the upcoming surgery, he had to try his best.


Looking at the villa of Allen, Samuel said in a low voice, “Hand it to Macon to investigate and come to the US by air right now, because I think Allen is a little suspicious,”




“Yes. Just in case, come here in secret without anyone knowing. If necessary, take a private airplane and don't leave any traces.”


Samuel didn't know why he had such feelings.


Allen in front of him was so unfathomable


The two of them were not friends, or even rivals in love. For Samuel, the understanding of Allen was learned from Nicole, and 

Zoe also said that this foster father was very nice. Now that he came to the US, Allen rarely appeared.


At first he thought maybe Allen did so in order to create more parent-child time for him and his children, but now it seemed not to be so.


If Allen was really kind to Zoe, how could he not come to take a look at Zoe for so many days?


Although this hospital was run by the Brook Family, Zoe was, after all, the child that he had spent five years caring for. 


Moreover, Samuel learned from the young nurse that no matter how busy Allen was in the past five years, he would come to the hospital to accompany Zoe. But now all these actions disappeared.


Unless he had something more important to deal with.


He suddenly remembered that when he went to the Fallen Paradise Club for the first time, Samuel seemed to have seen 


Allen there. Although it was just a glimpse and it was Not easy to recognize at that time, it should have been him.


Why did he go to the Fallen Paradise Club?


Only for drowning his sorrow?


Moreover, with Allen's feelings for Nicole, even if the Brook Family and Green Family had both cleared their kindness with 

each other, could he find someone he liked so quickly? Was there even any intimate encounter between them?


The more Samuel thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong, and there were even many dubious points.


Allen had many properties, but why did he buy another one recently?


And this property was not registered under Allen's name, but one of his most distant relatives’.


If Allen wanted to buy a house, did he need to be so secretive like this? Who was he guarding against?


Samuel's palms were sweating.


The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.


But he couldn't stay here for too long in case that Allen would see the flaws.


Samuel drove away, with a speed not fast or slow, almost the same as when he came, but he felt a little heavy at heart.


Would Nicole be here?


Would Allen have imprisoned Nicole?


Samuel didn't know, but he felt more and more that he might be close to the truth.


When the car reached the corner, Samuel suddenly turned back.


Seeing him leave, Allen breathed a sigh of relief heavily. Although this was the US and his territory, where Samuel couldn't stir 

up any trouble, but somehow, he felt stressed.


He had this feeling since the moment they met, which was becoming more and more obvious now.


What to do?


Did he have to transfer Nicole?


But wouldn't the current transference mean the exposure of himself?


In addition, the wounds on Nicole's body had not been healed yet. What if Nicole escaped during the transference?




He couldn't!


He absolutely couldn't allow Nicole to leave from his sight.


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