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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 177

After Samuel entered the bathroom, Allen's face darkened completely.


What method on earth did he need in order to let Samuel leave quickly?


After Samuel packed the hair, he turned on the faucet, pretending to have taken a pee, and then walked out of the bathroom.


Allen was already sitting on the sofa and began to drink tea. There seemed to be sprezzatura on his face, as if nothing had happened, but Samuel seemed to see his hands trembling.


The suspicions to Allen were growing.


Samuel kept his countenance, and nodded to Allen. Then he left.


After his leaving this time, Allen didn't move for a long time standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.


He was afraid that Samuel would return again.


This fellow was so disgusting.


If he hadn't reacted quickly just now, it would have been caught in the act by Samuel.


At the thought of Nicole being taken away from him after being found by Samuel, Allen's hatred of Samuel became more intense.


He even wanted Samuel to die in the US.


This thought flashed by quickly, and there was a trace of fierceness flashing across Allen's eyes, then disappearing quickly.


This time Samuel didn't return but went directly to a hospital, for the purpose of DNA identification of the hair with the identity of someone else.


The result of the genetic test would take at least 3 days. During this time Samuel couldn't wait and he decided to visit Allen's mansion at night.


Jacob arrived several hours after, fatigued with the journey.


“Mr. Green”


When Jacob met Samuel outside the hospital, he looked very cautious.


Samuel nodded and asked him to get into the car. The two left where they were quickly.


“I suspect that Allen has hidden Nicole. You go to the Fallen Paradise Club on the sly to investigate whether Allen went there 

on the day of the auction.”


Samuel's eyes looked somewhat darkened, with two hands clasping tightly.


He didn't want to be enemy of the Brook Family, and even planned to be reconciled with the Brook Family because of the 

Brook Family's care for Nicole and his children over the past five years. However, if it was really Allen who had taken Nicole away, Samuel didn't dare to imagine what he would do.


Jacob was still a little capable here. After hearing Samuel's words, he immediately went to act.


When Samuel returned to the hospital, Zoe and Joseph were playing.


Since these days, Joseph suddenly seemed to have grown up, showing great affection and caring for Zoe so that Zoe 

laughed happily every day. The lovely peal of laughter was like a bell, making everyone in a happy mood.


“What are you talking about? Why do you laugh so happily?”


Samuel restrained all the emotions outside.


In front of his daughter, he didn’t wish Zoe to have any negative emotions or unhappiness.


When Zoe saw Samuel, she looked very delighted.


During these days, it was Samuel who had accompanied her, and she could see Samuel or Joseph every time she opened 

her eyes, without feeling lonely any longer.


It felt really good.


If only she could have Mommy and brother at her side.


Zoe stretched her hands out towards Samuel and yelled coquettishly, “Daddy!”


"My sweetheart!”


Samuel kissed her on the forehead, then held her on his laps and sat down.


“Whew, why is there a milkshake?”


“Brother Joseph bought it for me. The doctor said I can eat, so Zoe is not eating on the sly.”


Zoe said with extreme happiness, as if getting a cup of milkshake was a great joy and delight for her.


Samuel felt terribly distressed in his heart.


She should have been the little princess of the Green Family, born with a silver in her mouth, but she was now in such a situation, which was very worrying.


But Samuel concealed his emotions very well, smiling and saying to Joseph, “Joseph has really grown up, who knows to take care of his younger sister.”


Joseph touched the back of his head coyly. In fact, he missed Lucas very much.


“Daddy, brother Joseph said that you will take us to the amusement park to have fun after my illness is cured, really?”


“Do you want to go?”


Looking at the expectation in Zoe's eyes, how could Samuel refuse?


“Of course! At that time, you and Mommy, Brother Lucas and Joseph and me, we all go, OK? I have never known how the amusement park is like in my life. Is it so beautiful and amusing like that on TV?”


Zoe was really happy.


When the doctor told her that her illness would take a favorable turn and that she could run under the sun like other children, 

no one knew how delighted and joyful she was in her heart.


Now she wanted to share this happiness to Joseph and Samuel. Such happiness that couldn't be concealed was like a source of infection, making everyone around her feel happy.


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