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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 185

Nicole started to ponder how to commit suicide, when thinking about this.


With her hands and feet bound, it was impossible to cut her own wrist. With her mouth gagged, she couldn't commit suicide by biting her tongue. Thus, what else could she do?


Knock her head against the wall?


However, her distance to the wall was not far enough to make it. What's even worse, she couldn't move her body at her own will.


Nicole really thought herself a pathetic one, for she even had no access to death.


Apparently, Allen was the most ruthless.


She had no choice but to stare at the ceiling desperately. However, for a while, she felt a little dizzy. It seemed as if there was someone opening the ceiling.


But how could it be?


This was the basement, so the so-called ceiling was just under the floor.


Nicole blinked her eyes again, only to find the ceiling exactly moving.


She coughed twice to make some noise, even though nobody could hear it.


Nothing more was heard from the outside, which indicated that there was no one outside the door.


She stared at the ceiling without even a blink until that ceramic tile was moved away. When catching sight of a head, she was amazed to keep her eyes wide open. Unexpectedly, Someone actually came in!


Besides, he made it in this way!


She was so surprised and happy, especially when she saw the owner of that head, her eyes were filled with tears suddenly.


It was Samuel!


He showed up !


He was to save her!


Obviously, he found her last time, didn’t he?


Samuel had felt a sight following him since he moved the tile away. The view he saw inside almost make him blind, and his heart was so hurt that he almost couldn't breathe.


Allen, that jerk!


How dare he treated Nicole like this?


Samuel was deeply provoked when he observed Nicole’s condition that she was tied on the bed in the X-shape, her mouth was gagged, especially when the blood oozed out of her wrists and ankles.


As a matter of fact, he had imagined a variety of scenes when he saw Nicole. However, none of them could have been more stirring than this, and made him so painful. He jumped down quickly.


Nicole fixed her eyes on Samuel without any break, for she was so frightened that the man in front of her would disappear in a time and everything here would change into an illusion.




Samuel ran towards her quickly and freed her mouth.




Nicole had a hoarse voice and an emaciated body.


Samuel's hand was shaking.


“How could this happen? Didn't Allen like you so much? How could the bastard treat you like this? I will kill him! I will surely kill him!”


He was trembling with anger, but he still released her with gingerliness.


Nicole fell into his arms with a rush.


When Nicole recognized the familiar smell and touched his warm chest, she felt as if a generation had passed.


She couldn't believe that she still had the chance to see Samuel again with what she had suffered. Nevertheless, she felt it was a dream, without any reality, when he was standing really in front of her.


Samuel was a bit suffocating with her tight embrace, but he didn't push her away.


Nicole became thinner. She was so thin that her body was not as elastic as it used to be.


He didn't know exactly how much Nicole suffered all the way. Even so, he could tell that she had suffered a lot.


He didn't dare to ask, and he couldn't ask, and even was afraid to ask what she had undergone, for he was worried that he could not bear it. “I will take you home.”


His voice was a little trembling, with a lump in his throat.


It was great!


He found her eventually!


Nothing was more important than to see living Nicole, thus nothing else made sense.


Nicole said nothing but to cry somewhat hysterically and desperately. She cried for the delight of being unexpectedly rescued from desperation, as well as the heart tremor at the moment when she saw Samuel.


Only at this moment did she realize that she loved this man deeply.


While Crying, Nicole kissed Samuel suddenly.


That unique fragrance left Samuel kind of amazement. He catered to her carefully at once, in fear of touching her internal injury.


Nicole strove to suck and demand, like a greedy person and a drown person who was badly in need of something to confirm what she saw was reality instead of illusion.


Samuel got a little out of breath.


Eventually, he gently pushed her away, whispering to her, “Let's go home, whatever you want to do, I will accompany you.”


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