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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 186

When Samuel wanted to say something to Nicole, she had already passed out.


He was scared that his face lost color. He quickly dried Nicole's body, put on her pajamas and carried her out.


The pajamas on Nicole's body were a little bigger, like a robe, which stimulated Samuel's sight more.


He quickly dried a tear from the corner of his eye and called the doctor over.


The doctor gave Nicole a general examination, and found that she had no other wounds or hidden injuries except for the scars on her body. It was only because she was too weak. Moreover, she suffered gastrointestinal dysfunction and she could not eat too greasy food recently.


Only hearing this from the doctor, Samuel could imagine how much sin Nicole suffered.


How could her gastrointestinal function dysfunction?


Jacob heard that Nicole was back and wanted to come over, but he was blocked out the door by Samuel.


“Go and check out what the people being trafficked eat on the ship?”


Samuel wanted to know everything.


Jacob quickly gave him the answer.


“Manager Green, those people all ate leftovers and rotten food on the ship. They didn't treat these people as human beings, insulted, abused and bullied them at will, and sometimes even forced them to drink urine for fun.


When Jacob heard this, he hesitated whether or not to tell Samuel, but in the end he did.


Samuel's face was terribly unsightly. He turned around and went back to the ward.


Nicole was still sleeping, but she slept very restless. Her hands held her legs tightly and curled up like a shrimp.


Samuel tried to stretch her body, but failed. Nicole in her sleep seemed to be struggling to protect herself with all her strength.


This was a subconscious way of protection, but it made people feel sad.


Samuel took off his shoes and went to bed. He held Nicole tightly in his arms and said in a low voice, “Don't be afraid. I’m by 

your side. Everything is over. Nicole, relax you. Don't hurt yourself like this. I'm Samuel.” 


At the beginning, Nicole couldn't listen to him. She subconsciously resisted and dodged. She even opened her mouth and bit Samuel's wrist and arm. She bit wherever she could.


She was like a night cat, stretching out all her claws in self-defense.


Before long, Samuel's body was scarred, but he didn't feel pain, because his heart was more painful than the injury outside.


The once cheerful girl now became this way, whose fault was it?


It was his fault.


It was because he did not protect her well, making her go through all this.


Samuel let Nicole gnaw, but refused to lose hands.


Finally Nicole bit tired and fell asleep again, but she relaxed a lot.


Samuel finally hugged her in his arms, but found her shivering and subconsciously resisting.


She could smell the odor of Samuel, but her body couldn't help but make the most direct response.


In her sleep, those ordinary looking women who had been on the ship were thrown on the deck like cargo, being stripped of their clothes in front of everyone and ruined by the beat men.


Those shouts and cries for help appeared so powerless and helpless on the sea.


That was the purgatory of the world, a hopeless ordeal.


If it wasn't for their good looks and the need for a good auction price, Nicole didn't know if she could bear it all.


A lot of girls died of being roughly treated and then were thrown into the sea without clothes and buried in the vast sea.


At the beginning, she was standing in a crowd and could not move. Gradually, there was some space for her to move. 


However, the sense of fear and despair repressed in the girls mind seemed to completely swallow them up from all directions.


“No! No!”


Nicole struggled and cried, but couldn't wake up from the nightmare.


She was wet all over with cold sweat.


“Nicole, wake up, wake up””


Samuel couldn't see that she was so tortured in her sleep, and hoped to shake her up, but it had no effect.


The scene of Nicole changed to Allen's room.


She was tied to the bed by Allen. The once perfect man suddenly turned into the devil of hell. He tore her clothes and wanted her.




Nicole cried, tears wetting her face, but the nightmare was like a magic spell, tightly controlling her and let her cannot break free.


“Don't touch me! Go away! Go away!”


Nicole cried, waving her hands and pushing and shoving, but she always accidentally slapped Samuel's face. Her strength was so great that made him feel some pain in his entire back alveolar.


He felt heartache to her greatly, but couldn't wake her up. He had no choice but to lower his head and deeply kiss Nicole.


Nicole was like a frightened rabbit, biting Samuel's tongue with her teeth. Her fierce force was eager to bite off his tongue.


Samuel didn't care. It was not that he didn't ache; instead, he ached to the bone. But on the heart, he would not see her torture herself so much.


Since she couldn't wake up, he chose to immerse with her in the nightmare. At least there was someone to accompany her on 

the road of nightmare. Maybe she wouldn't feel so lonely.



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