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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 193

Laurel left the ward and Nicole went to Zoe's bed.


"Mommy, why have you lost weight? I didn't even recognize you. Is it because you're tired of taking care of my sick brother?"


Zoe reached out her hand in a distressed way and touched Nicole's face gently.


Her hands were cold, not as warm as a child should be.


Nicole had always thought it was her fault, but now she realized it was caused by many reasons.


She felt sad, and remorse and distressed when she heard Zoe's words. She didn't know how to answer her. She just gently held Zoe in her arms.


“Does Zoe think Mummy is getting uglier?”


"No, Mommy is always the prettiest. And I miss Mommy so much!"


Zoe cuddled up in Nicole's arms.


Nicole could feel Zoe was trembling, and perhaps the pain was too much for her, but she kept smiling at her and at life.


“Does it hurt, Zoe?” she asked sadly.




Zoe still smiled, a little reluctantly.


Nicole finally burst into tears.


"You don't have to pretend to be strong in front of Mommy. Mommy knows that you are not feeling well, are you? Mommy is happy that Zoe is strong, but Mommy doesn't want Zoe to face it alone. Tell Mommy, does it hurt?"




Zoe's smile disappeared, her nose crumpled, and she subconsciously moved closer to Nicole.


"Mommy, I don't know why it hurts so much when I'm here. But my grandma and dad are so kind to me, and Joseph is comforting me. I'm afraid they'll hate me if I say I feel painful."


"Silly girl, no one will hate you. Daddy and Grandma, Mommy and Joseph will always love Zoe. Mommy knows that Zoe hurts, and mommy hurts, too. Mummy is sick too, and like Zoe, I need treatment, but we have to fight it out for ourselves first, you know?"


Nicole fondly touched Zoe's hair, feeling very uncomfortable.


Zoe raised her head, looked at Nicole with her beautiful eyes, and whispered, "Mommy, doesn't godfather like Zoe anymore? Is it because Zoe's illness can't be cured, so godfather doesn't want Zoe?"


“No! Zoe is so cute. Anyone would love you.’


Nicole had mixed feelings.


She was going to tell Zoe what Allen had done to her, but Laurel's words before she left reminded her.


Children were innocent.


In the past five years, Allen's existence was almost like he was her father. Now, if she told Zoe the truth, she didn’t know whether Zoe could bear it.


At this point, Laurel was obviously more thoughtful than her.


Zoe did not feel any better because of what Nicole said. "I heard Emily telling those bad people to find me out and not to keep me live,” she whispered, “Emily is the godfather's secretary. It must be that the godfather doesn't like me. I'm in much a pain now, and I can't be cured, can I?"


"Don't talk nonsense.”


Nicole had no idea that Zoe had heard such cruel words, and her heart ached even more.


Zoe took Nicole's hand and said, “It's okay, Mommy, if I can't get healed, I want to stop the treatment. Will Mommy take me home? I miss my brother. Joseph said he would take me to the funfair. I know I am not well to play the games, but I can go with him. If I don't get cured, Mommy couldn't cry. Mommy has my brother with her. Mommy is not alone.”


"What nonsense?”


Nicole grabbed Zoe in her arms, tears trickling down her cheeks.


“Lucas is not you. You both are mommy's babies, and no one can replace you! Mommy wants you to live well and live happily and healthily. You can do it, baby. Zoe, your dad is the President of Eternal Group. Anyway, he's going to get you well. I can't live if you don’t get well"


Nicole's voice was hoarse with a silent sob.


The God had been so bad to her. Why couldn't it make her baby live better after all this suffering?


Zoe saw Nicole cry and frantically tried to wipe her tears.


"Mommy, don't cry. Zoe doesn't hurt, really.”


Her little face was pale, her palms had been punctured with nails, and the scarlet spots made Nicole even worse.


"It doesn't matter if it hurts. Mommy will stay with you. From now on, Mommy will be with you wherever you are.’


Nicole hugged Zoe tightly.


Zoe couldn't hold on any longer. "Mommy, she whispered, "I want to hear you sing.”


“Ok, what does Zoe want to hear?”


"Zoe likes everything Mommy sings.’


Zoe curled up in Nicole's arms, her body shaking.

Her eyes were shining with tears, and her forehead was cold with perspiration, but she held back the tears.


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