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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 2


“Go back first, Nicole. I'II talk to you about this afterwards.” Samuel hung up the call and wrinkled his eyebrows. lt was obvious he was worried and anxious, yet he never had those emotions for her who was his wife. Nicole pushed him away coldly. “Go mind your business, after all she's more important to you," she said. But her heart was bleeding.


Samuel wanted to say something more, but he did not do so in the end. He stopped a taxi, watched her entering it and left in a hurry. Nicole inevitably let out a wry smile. To be with a man whose heart was always with somebody else, what was the point to sustain this kind of marriage any longer?


After reaching home, the housemaids greeted her but she seemed to not notice them at all. She looked at the bedroom with black and white color tone which she didn't like and suddenly felt that her existence resembled a clown and her marriage was no less than a farce which was really going to come to its end now.


Nicole waited for Samuel for the whole night. Yet he did not make a call to her even once and his apathy stabbed right into her heart like needles. “i'm sorry, honey. Mommy worry be able to give you a complete home. But don't worry, mommy would give you tons of love.” Tears crawled over her face and she signed on the divorce agreement which she had printed out. Every stroke seemed to scratch her heart and make her bleed.


After finishing signing, she then pulled off the wedding ring Samuel gave her and put it on top of the agreement. She used to treat it like a treasure and after the three-year time, the ring had left a trace on her finger. As she took it off, the trace was still there, just like the trace of her love towards him that could not be erased. Nicole felt that she was behaving like a loser. Afraid that she would change her mind, she made up her mind and took her luggage, leaving the house.


“Missus, Mr. Green is staying with Miss George because Miss George has poor health. Mr. Green orders us to send you abroad and we have to depart now.” The moment Nicole stepped out of the house, she saw Samuel's bodyguard blocking her way, and his words made her anger rise. “Why should I go abroad? I refuse!”


“Sorry Missus, Mr. Green says it's not up to you to decide!” As he finished, he moved forward and landed a chop on her neck. He dragged her straight into the car when she fainted away. She was brought to a deserted warehouse and her clothes were all taken off. A man lied beside her and caressed her body while someone snapped photos of them with every embarrassing pose.


“Miss George, it's all done.” The person made a phone call to Riley right after finishing taking the photos. Riley sneered. “Good. Upload the photos to the net afterwards, I doubt Samuel would want a woman who’s cuckolded him to be his wife. Do not leave any trace after getting out.”


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