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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 201



Joseph screamed, and Nicole hugged him more tightly. Well, Joseph unconsciously hugged Nicole, causing Nicole dirty all over.


Seeing this scene, Samuel shook his head helplessly and said, "Can I kill man?"




Joseph's whispered reply.


Nicole was somewhat distressed to see him like this.


"Well, you always keep a straight face. A child is afraid you. Joseph, tell Mommy, what are you doing?"


Nicole glared at Samuel, then asked Joseph a soft question.


Joseph whispered, "My sister says she likes butterflies, but she can't go out under the sun, and she always sees butterflies flying from the window. I just want to catch some butterflies and bring them to her, so she won't feel so much pain.”


Nicole's nose was sore at the sound of Joseph's naive voice, and Samuel's eyes were moist.


"Don't you ever do that again, boy, and always talk to Mommy when you go out. Do you know we're all worried about you when you run out without telling us?”


“Sorry, Mommy, I'll be careful next time."


Joseph realized that Samuel and Nicole were out looking for him, and was momentarily embarrassed.


“It's okay. Joseph is the oldest of our family. Zoe's already out, but she hasn't been awake, so let's go back to see Zoe, ok?”




Joseph smiled happily.


Nicole picked Joseph up, but Samuel stopped her and picked him up.


“I'll do it. You're not well enough. The boy's so heavy.’


“No, I can go by myself.”


Samuel was sensible enough, and although it was comfortable to be hugged by Mommy, he decided to go on his own.


"It's okay. Daddy's holding you."


Samuel took Joseph from Nicole's arms and put him directly on his shoulder.




It was rare for Joseph to be lifted so high by Samuel, and he burst out laughing.


Seeing them both happy, Nicole suddenly remembered Lucas.


If Lucas were still around, maybe he'd be so happy as well.


S trace of sadness flashed across Nicole's eyes.


She didn't know where Lucas was. Now she couldn't wait to know how her son was doing, but there was no information he could get.


Laurel just gave her the Night Elf Empire. As for what she was going to do and how she was going to get in touch with those people, she didn't know anything.


Samuel walked a little further, and when he realized that Nicole was not following him, he stopped, somewhat confused.


"What's the matter? Something on your mind?”


“No, I just missed Lucas.”


Nicole's words made Samuel sad.


"Don't worry, we'll find him.”


Joseph was a lot less excited about hearing Lucas.


"Mommy, I'll find him out, too.”


“It's okay. Lucas will be back."


Nicole touched his head and went back to Zoe's room with Samuel.


Before Zoe woke up, Joseph insisted on being there for her, and Nicole and Samuel didn't stop him.


They left the room, and Samuel went directly to Mrs. Green's room.


Mrs. Green was still resting, sleeping peacefully.


This time, Samuel was in a very different mood.


The woman in front of him was not his own mother, but she gave him a lot of warmth and teachings. When he was sick, it was she who accompanied him the whole night.


He once felt that his mother was partial to him and seemed indifferent to Vincent. However, he did not realize that this woman was not his biological mother.


But so what?


Even though she was not his own mother, he was grateful for the care and attention of Laurel. Compared with Zama, Samuel was relieved.


Nicole didn't know what Samuel was thinking. She didn't even know what she was going to say, so she stayed by his side.


Samuel whispered, "Whoever she is, in my heart, she is my mother, my children's own grandmother.”


"Yes! Mother was a great woman.’


Samuel didn't argue with him.


Remembering Laurel's command, Nicole whispered, "I'm going out for a minute.”




Samuel didn't ask where she was going. He just nodded.


Nicole quickly left the room and went to the doctor's office, where she found Laurel's attending doctor.


"Doctor, I want my mother-in-law's pathology report and body report.”




The doctor knew Nicole's identity and, naturally, without any pause, gave her both reports.


Nicole tried to give the doctor a word, but finally left the office without saying anything.


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