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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 24

She had thought that Samuel would agree. Unexpectedly, Samuel just patted his jacket and said indifferently, 'No need. I can take care of Joseph. Besides, you are not an employee. lt is not proper for you to go there."

"It is the weekend today. There is no one in the company.'

Riley was a little reluctant.

She also wanted to work in the Eternal Group. But Samuel rejected her to avert suspicion. He said that if she wanted to do business, he could open a separate company for her. In fact, she just wanted to be with Samuel.

Samuel didn't seem to see Riley's grievance and said faintly, “The company has its own system. Besides, it is always monitored. Stop it."

Riley heard this, eyes brimming with tears.

"Samuel, are you afraid that I will do harm to the company? I worry. I always take sides with the Green family."

"I know. But there are the rules. Riley, don’t make it difficult for me."

Although Samuel's voice was light, there was an extra hint of intimidation.

Riley knew that it would be invidious to continue to pester. Although she was reluctant, she took two steps back and went to take care of Joseph for dinner.

When exactly would she be able to truly be the hostess of the Green family?

Riley was furious inside but looked calm. Seeing her son happily have a quick breakfast before jumping off the chair and running towards Samuel, she suddenly felt jealousy and resentment.

This brat took away all of Samuel's attention. That was not what she had intended. Why was everything out of her control now?

Joseph, however, did not see Rileys face and happily took Samuel's hand and said, "Daddy, let's go. lIm afraid my classmate has waited for a long time and will think I'm lying to him."

"Alright. Let's go!"

Samuel directly lifted .Joseph over his head and let him sit on his shoulder. Then, they went out while talking and laughing.

When they reached the kindergarten entrance, Lucas had already been here for a while.

Joseph opened the car door and ran down.

"Lucas! Come on. My Daddy is specially taking us to visit híis company today."

Joseph's words made Lucas somewhat dazed.

When he saw Samuel get off the car and saw .Joseph sweetly calling Samuel Daddy, Lucas suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Samuel did not expect that .Josephs classmate was Lucas, the brat who peed all over him at the airport.

He quickly stepped forward and looked at Lucas coldly without saying anything, emitting the pressure.

He was a superior. Many adults could not bear under sụch pressure. But Lucas just looked at Samuel as if he did not completely feel anything.

He sweetly smiled and said, "Good day, uncle. We meet again."


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