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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 29


Nicole looked at the time. It was almost eight o'clock. If there was no traffic jam, she could get there in time, but she didn’t know where the automobile processing plant of Eternal Group was.


Just then, Samuel sent her a coordinate and marked the specific location and asked her to drive carefully.


Nicole replied angrily, “you bastard!”


Samuel looked at the phone and smiled. He was in a much better mood.


Jacob waited and looked at Samuel. He didn’t speak, but he had arranged everything since Nicole's arrival.


Riley seemed to be living in a nightmare this week.


For five years she thought Samuel was a piece of ice. She wanted to impress Samuel with her passion and Joseph. She wanted to be the mistress of Green Family. But Samuel had been indifferent to her. But now he was passionate about Nicole. He totally ignored the public opinion and gave her something every day.


Although Samuel didn’t show up with Nicole at the same time, his abnormality made Riley feel crisis and deeply hostile to Nicole.


Whatever the identity and background of the woman, Samuel was very kind to her. She couldn't let her stay here!


When Riley saw Samuel's news in the media, her eyes were vicious.


Riley knew where Eternal Group's automobile processing plant was. She looked at the time and drove there quickly and went into it.


When Nicole arrived at the processing plant, Samuel met her in person at the door.


“Samuel, what do you mean?”


Nicole had restrained herself. When she saw so many people at the scene, she was instantly angry.


Samuel took her hand directly and said with a smile, “you represent H’J Group today. Don’t you want to see my automobile processing plant?

I've seen your sports car. Although I didn't buy it, the design concept is consistent with me. No matter what you think of me, since we are now ina cooperative relationship, we have to work first, right? Besides, it’s been a week. You're back in shape.”


Nicole was speechless and could only look at him angrily.


“Well, there are many reporters here today. Don’t make them think you’re not easy to get along with. You have to develop in this industry in the future.”


Samuel pulled Nicole inside.



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