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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 3


Nicole Bush! Catherine's real name was actually Nicole Bush? Samuel's eyes flashed a touch of light. “Do we have Catherines picture?”


“No, the H`J Group protects Catherines privacy well. I've used every method but still failed to get her picture. I heard that she's a very beautiful and attractive woman." lt was inconceivable to Jacob that a sports car designer who had caused a sensation throughout the world was actually a woman. And it turned out she was also a beauty! That was slightly illogical. Why would a woman be interested in sports car?


Yet Samuel did not ponder about Jacob's question. He stared at the name on the document for a good long time with his eyes slightly narrowed. Nobody could tell what he was feeling. He knocked the surface of the table subconsciously with his fingers in a rhythmic way, making the atmosphere in the office slightly serious. “Mr. Green...


“Arrange the transportation for me. I want to welcome her myself.” Samuel finally spoke and his eyes gleamed with thoughts. Nicole Bush! That was exactly what was written on top, could it be really a coincidence? Nicole's body was nowhere to be found from the fire five years ago. The police said the body could already be burnt to ashes since the fire was too strong, but Samuel never believed Nicole was dead. Now that the designer was also named Nicole Bush, he could not wait to meet her.


dJacob was dumbfounded, after all, there was only a small amount of people who had the honor to be welcomed by Samuel himself these five years. Yet he quickly reacted shortly and left to arrange for the welcoming.


Nicoles plane had just landed when the car reached the airport. Nicole walked pass the security checkpoint while pulling her luggage. She had long brown wavy hair and a perfect body. Her dazzling features managed to attract lots of attention at once, whereas the little boy beside her was wearing white casual clothes. He had tender skin and long eyelashes that made people wanted to pinch his cheek when he blinked. His cap was worn back to front and he was eating a lollipop. He followed beside Nicole with moderate speed, looking lethargic, but his beautiful long eyes made him looked unapproachable.



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