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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 39

Nicole immediately wiped her tears, but Samuel saw it.


“What's the matter?”


He came up quickly and saw Nicole holding her cell phone. Nicole was talking to Allen on the screen. It was obvious that they just made a video call.


Samuel looked into Nicole’s red eyes and her resentment. He became angry again.


“You complained to Allen, right? You told him Samuel couldn't take care of you, so you had an accident, right? Did Allen comfort you? Did he ask you to go back to France at once? Did you tell him I just kissed you? Is he going to come here and kill me at once?”


Samuel’s words made Nicole more upset. He mentioned the kiss.


The kiss made her lose her mind for a moment.


Nicole remembered the weak Zoe and resented Samuel and herself.


“Samuel, get out of here!”


She didn't want to hide her hatred for him. If it was not against the law, she would kill him!


But she couldn't!


She couldn't do it for Zoe!


Nicole was shaking with anger. Her anger shocked Samuel.


“Why do you hate me so much? Nicole, you...”


“President Green, something happened to Joseph.”


Before Samuel could say anything, Jacob broke in.


When he saw Samuel and Nicole, he was scared.


Did he come at the wrong time?


Samuel's eyes were sharp. Jacob could only say, “President Green, Joseph has a fever.”


“How could this happen?”


Samuel hated Jacob interrupting him, but when he heard that Joseph had a fever, he was worried.


Nicole saw it and mocked herself in her heart.


“You have loved him with all your heart before! He is the father of your children! Zoe is weak now, but he doesn't know. Even if he knows, he will not worry about Lucas and Zoe as much as he does about Riley's son.”


Samuel didn't know what Nicole was thinking at this time. Seeing Jacob's hesitation, his eyes twinkled and he roared loudly.


“Tell me what happened to Joseph.”


“President Green, Joseph was scolded by you at school, so Miss George scolded Joseph. At the same time, she heard that the trade secrets of Eternal Group had been leaked by Joseph. Miss George got angry and hit Joseph. Joseph said nothing. Miss George forbade him to eat, but Joseph got up in the morning with a fever.”


Jacob quickly explained the cause and effect of the incident.


Samuel was furious.


“Riley! Who gave her the right to hit the heir of Green Family? Tell Riley if something happens to Joseph, I'll kill her!”


Because Samuel just quarreled with Nicole, he was very angry.


He hadn't been so out of control for years.


Jacob walked out in fear and called Riley.


Nicole watched him worry about Joseph so much and said coldly, “since President Green is busy, you'd better deal with your family. After all, the heir of Green Family can't have an accident.”


She didn't want to talk like that, but she couldn't help it.


Her Lucas and Zoe had never been loved by Samuel. They even suffered because of him. Nicole was angry.


Samuel looked at Nicole. She turned her head and ignored him. He said nothing. He just stooped and picked up Nicole.


“What are you doing? Samuel, let me down! What do you want to do?”


Nicole got nervous.


Now Samuel seemed to be really fickle. Nicole panicked and didn’t want to stay with him.


Samuel sighed and said helplessly, “aren't you going to the bathroom? Are you going to solve it in bed?”


Nicole remembered that she was going to the bathroom. But she didn't agree with him to carry her in.


“Let the nurse help me. I don’t need you!”


“Don't worry. I won't pull your pants down.”


Samuel took her to the toilet in the bathroom and turned away.


“Call me at any time.”


Nicole didn't expect Samuel to be a gentleman now. She immediately closed the bathroom door. She leaned against the wall of the bathroom and took off her pants.


Then she laboriously put on her pants. But she didn’t want Samuel in.



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