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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 4

Samuel shuddered when she saw Nicole from afar. Her figure and her walking style were just like Nicole Bush! He could not help but walk towards her and deliberately approach her. Jacob was stupefied as he had not seen him taking the initiative to approach any woman before.

Especially after his wife's accident five years ago, he had become more like an iceberg that forced people back whenever they saw him. lt was the first time he had had such an action.

He inevitably threw a glance at Nicole and was instantly stunned by her. Her feature was perfect as if she had been carved out by an artist just at the right place and with the right proportion. Samuel was stunned too, but he immediately regained his mind and wrinkled his eyebrows. He backed up subconsciously and said coldly, “Watch where you're going."

Nicole secretly sneered. Her looks were already completely different from before. She still remembered the excruciating pain when the fire burnt her skin and she also remembered the agony she had endured for nine months just to keep the child in her womb. She then underwent a plastic surgery after giving birth to the child. She would always awake from nightmares every midnight and cry until the tears drenched her pillow. Now that the culprit was right before her, she could not help but clench her fists and was so eager to tear his face and scoop his heart out, to see what it was.

She even wanted to ask him whether he had a heart.

She was holding the lollipop that was not yet finished by Lucas and the moment she came in contact with Samuel, the lollipop touched his suit. She then smiled. “i'm sorry. I really didn'tt see you just now. Your suit has gone dirty, shall I buy you a new one? Could you give me your number?

I'II ask someone to give ít to you after I buy it.” Her voice was coarse and deep.

Disappointment was seen from Samuel's face for a split second. Ifs not her! Not only did she have different looks, her voice too. He still remembered that Nicole's voice was as listenable as an oriole, yet although the woman before him was pretty, her voice was deep and coarse.

Maybe to others, her voice was attractive, yet it did not spark his interest at all. His expression went cold once more. “There's no need for the trouble, iEs just a suit.” He then straight away took off his blazer and tossed it into a garbage bin not far away right in front of Nicole, like throwing egregious garbage.


The corner of Nicole's lips slightly curved. Maybe to Samuel's eyes, she had appeared to be a woman who had had her eyes on him and therefore wanted to hit on him and get his contact details. She let out a grim smile as she watched his back. She wondered what expression he would have when he knew she was the designer he was go¡ing to welcome.


Samuel felt inexplicably angry, as for what he was angry about, he did not have a clue too. That woman was clearly not Nicole, but why did he think she was familiar? No, it's not her! If Nicole knew he had taken the initiative to approach her, she would be on cloud nine. He knew Nicole's feelings towards him, but there was not a single fluctuation in emotion from the woman's eyes just now. Wait. That woman's eyes looked so much like Nicoles!


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