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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 42

Lucas left the hospital with Samuel and got into Samuel's car.


Samuel looked at him, full of contentment, and the child looked more and more adorable.


“Should we buy something for Joseph?”


He just wanted to stay with Lucas for a while, but couldn't find a good reason. What the president wanted to purchase was just a matter of his words, wasn't it?


Lucas froze slightly, and thought it wasn't good to go empty-hands, and nodded randomly.


Then the two persons went to the mall.


“What does Joseph like?”


Lucas had just returned to the Seapolis city and didn't know much about Joseph. All he knew was that he was the son of Samuel, but this identity made him more and more contradictory.


Samuel froze.


What did Joseph like?


He didn't seem to know it.


He always gave the best to Joseph. No matter it was newly developed toys or new clothes, as long as it was the best, he would give it to Joseph. But what Joseph really liked, it seemed like that he never asked.


Seeing Samuel's expression at this time, Lucas sneered and said, “Are you really his daddy? You don't even know what your son likes, how can you be daddy?”


This sentence made Samuel somewhat ashamed.


Just such a little boy, why was he always be teased by him?


Thinking of the scene of the airport toilet, Samuel asked inadvertently.


“Do you deliberately pee on me at the airport?”


“What are you talking about? I don't understand. Ah, that toy looks good.”


Lucas pretended to be stupid, and quickly ran towards the toy area on the side, which was obviously a guilty conscience.


Sure enough, he was still a child, and he can't be completely calm.


Samuel smiled and shook his head, an expression of softness appeared on his face.


He followed Lucas to the toy area, thinking he would buy toys for four or five-year-old, but he didn't expect that Lucas went directly to the Lego robot area and took a programmed toy to start playing.


“You can program?”


This surprised Samuel.


Lucas casually said, “I love it from a young age, and my mum buy me a lot of Lego toys.”


During the conversation, Lucas's has reprogrammed the Lego toy, the original toy was suddenly added some features.


Samuel's eyes flashed a little, but he didn't move.


“Do you like it? If you do, just buy it.”


“I'm tired of playing this for a long time, but Joseph should like it. Buy this.”


Lucas handed the toy to the salesperson, and randomly took out a VIP card from his pocket and passed it.


“Let me do it”


Samuel collected his card and was about to dig out his wallet, but was stopped by Lucas.


“My mum Say that you can't just ask for strangers’ things and money. Besides, it is me that wants to buy a gift for Joseph, and you don't need to spend money. This is my pocket money since I was a kid.”


The words of Lucas made Samuel somewhat unpleasant.




“Yeah, you are a stranger to me except for my mum's boss and Joseph's dad.”


When Lucas finished speaking, he passed his card.


Samuel just felt uncomfortable with his chest blocked.


Although this naughty boy was right, why did it feel so weird?


“Have your mom tell you about your dad?”


He spoke suddenly.


Lucas paused and whispered, “Yes. Mum said Daddy is dead, but my godfather is very good to us. If I can, I hope godfather can be my father. These years Mommy also like godfather.”


After that, he didn't forget to smile at Samuel sweetly.


Samuel's chest was more blocked.


“You godfather? Allen Brook?”


“Do you know my godfather? Isn't he very capable? He can operate the big company with great reputation and the most important thing is that no matter what difficulties we encounter, the godfather will take care of them as soon as possible. I learn how to walked, how to read words, and even how to talk from godfather. For me, he is my father. And godfather is good to my mummy. The godfather said that as long as Mommy agrees, he would marry Mommy at any time.”


Lucas said all this very proudly, which was like offering a treasure. His eyes were even brighter, but that deeply burned Samuel's eyes. Why did he want to punch someone when he heard this?


“We can find an opportunity to meet your godfather and see if he is as good as you say.”


“There will be a chance. For you to be Joseph's father, when my mommy and godfather got married, I will let mommy invite your.” Lucas said, not forgetting to clap Samuel's hand. It really made Samuel uncomfortable.


“Come on, Joseph may be worried for waiting too long.”




Watching Samuel take the lead to left, Lucas made a face behind him.


Mocks up!


He certainly could notice that Samuel had an attempt at Mummy.


But judging from the five years of giving up mommy and him, he was not qualified to be his father in his life.




Lucas made a grimace, and the little kid walked out of the mall with a toy and got into the car.


Samuel was making a phone call to his home at the same time.


“Is Riley at home? Find a reason to send her away. I am going back and don't want her here.”


Hearing Riley's name, Lucas frowned again.



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