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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 43

Joseph didn't care Lucas's expression. He directly held Lucas's arm and said as if he is a rogue, “I don't care, I don't care, you have the ability to be better than me, and I will recognize you as the elder bro. From today on you are my big bro.”


Lucas had never seen such a rogue person.


From childhood to now, except for Zoe's had a close relationship with him, he hasn't let others touch on him like this. Today Joseph hangs almost half of his body on his body. The grinning look made Lucas cannot get angry.


“You, let me go! How could two boys be so close to each other!”


Lucas felt awkward.


Joseph was the son of Samuel. He replaced himself and Zoe in the Green Family. Shouldn't he hate him?


But Joseph was hugging Lucas like an octopus.


“No way, no way, no way! Unless you promise to be my big bro, I won't let go!”


“Joseph, why are you so shameless? You are the heir to the Green Family; how can you be such a rogue?”


Lucas was almost crying. If he had known Joseph was like this, he would not come.


Joseph said with a smile, “What's up with the heir? The heir is also a child, and the heir can also have a big bro. In the future, what is mine will be yours. If you need, I will give you the entire Green Family.”


“No! I'm not interested in the Green Family!”


Lucas's brows were slightly frown, and his expression was not very good.


Although Joseph was rogue, he still looked at people's faces. He found that once he talks about the Green Family, Lucas's face was not good-looking.


“Then you help me design a game, like what you have done in the kindergarten computer room, I won't call you big bro. Don't think I don't know, you have done something to the computer, right? Lucas, you are so good Oh! You can actually use computer!”


Joseph's admiration was undisguised, even is a little loud because the excitement.


Lucas quickly reached out and covered his mouth. Although he knew that there is no one in the room, he looked around and said carefully, “If you talk nonsense anymore, I will break up with you!”


“Ok! Fine!”


Joseph quickly covered his mouth, and those eyes looked at Lucas pitifully.


Lucas suddenly felt a little softened.


“Does your ass hurt?”




Joseph screamed immediately.


“You don't know, my mother is terrible. She keeps saying that I make my daddy's company suffer a huge loss, which is about 2million dollars. Holding such a thick stick, my butt is beaten badly.”


Joseph touched his butt. When he walked, he was very shaky.


Lucas was guilty again.


“Don't you hate me? I make the Green Family suffer such a huge loss.”


“The Green Family has a lot of money, 2 million is nothing. As long as I like, I will be fine if anyone took the whole Green Family. You don't understand, from childhood to age, my mum keeps saying that I am the Heir of Green Family. I have to study hard, I have to do something important, etc. in fact, I really don't like this. I just want to live a happy life, but Mummy is always not allowed. It's better to be with my father, but as soon as Daddy isn't there, Mommy forces me to learn this and that, and let me perform in front of Daddy and let Daddy praise me. I feel exhausted. If the Green Family is gone, maybe me, the heir of the family didn't have to learn so much.”


Joseph lying on the bed freely looked at the ceiling quietly and said, “Lucas, do you know? I have never been to the park before. You don't know how much I envy those ordinary children. They can do whatever they want, but I can't do anything I like. Since I become sensible, I must follow the rules set by Mommy. Even for my future, what I like and what I want to do are set. No one has ever asked me. This Green Family is a cage for me and I can't get out of it forever. “


Lucas's brow frowned again.


He suddenly felt that he might not be the poorest.


It's wired!


How could he suddenly have a little sympathy and softness for this Joseph?


Lucas quickly turned his head, but still couldn't get rid of that feeling from his heart.


“Well, I will help you design a game so that you will not be bored at home. It is your reward for keeping a secret for me, but you must not tell others that this is made by me, no one!”


“No problem!”


Joseph jumped up with a stun, but this move involved in the injury on his buttocks, and he cried out in pain.


Samuel heard it outside, and hurriedly came over. As soon as he put his hand on the doorknob, he heard Lucas whispering, “Keep your voice down! I am telling you, if you shout out loud like this, I won't design the game for you.”


“Fine, fine, fine! You just design a game for me rapidly, I'm almost suffocating. You don't know. Every one of the family always buy me ordinary toys, which is very boring!”


Joseph grumbled, but he looked happy.


Lucas sighed and said, “You have to give me a computer, too, and I can't create it with my fingers.”


“Wait here, I'll get my laptop.”


Joseph jumped out of bed happily.


Samuel flickered aside. His eyes narrowed slightly.


Lucas could design computer games?


Wasn't he a four-year-old child?


How could he be so proficient in computers?


Or did it mean that what they said was not what he thought?


Samuel suddenly became interested in Lucas.


He hided in the dark, and saw Joseph butt into his room with his laptop, and mysteriously locked the door.


Samuel smiled slightly and got up to go to the study.

Joseph might not know that Samuel install surveillance video camera at home a long time ago, but it was because he was a child and the camera was not turned on.



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